Friday, December 28, 2007

MMR strikes again

Last week, at his checkup, Brooks got his MMR and flu vaccines. Dr. Simon warned us that he may run a fever 8-10 days later. Kate did, so I fully expected him to do it, too. And, he has. Fever off and on since Wednesday night. We took a trip to the pediatrician's office this AM just to make sure - my niece is coming this weekend. Even took a flu test - negative. So, I have a very cranky little boy.

I knew our good fortune of no sickness (for at least a while) would run out at some point.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at Auburn Hill Drive!

Well, Santa was good to us this year! Let's see:

Kate got a vacuum (and she has really cleaned the house this morning!), a sit and spin, some stickers, a Magna Doodle, a Breyer rug for her horses, and some other things.

Brooks got a Lighting McQueen car, some Hot Wheels, a Magna Doodle, and some other smaller things.

Last night we got the best Christmas present from our neighbors... Jimmy got our fireplace working (a.k.a. - he turned the chimney on) and the warmth from the fire was wonderful. Then, they had us over for Christmas dinner at their house (just across the street). It was a the most pleasant surprise after a hard day at work for me. I just can't say enough how glad we are to live in this house. It gets just more wonderful every day. Thank you to the Weekleys!

After gifts, we went to the clinic this morning with a sick puppy that I had kept here last night. It put a bit of a damper on my morning because the puppy just wasn't doing well at all. Of course, I had done all I could, and it would either live or die, but I just felt sad that it was some little girl's Christmas present. Dr. Brooks had it now, so I guess I will find out later on what happened to it.

The kids feel great - no one is sick! Quite a change from 2 years ago (when we left the hospital on Christmas Eve after Kate was there for 3 days with RSV). We are so blessed and happy. It's been a wonderful holiday!

Christmas in Mobile 2007

We left after Scott got off work on Friday night. I spent the entire day running last minute errands and packing, and we got off at a reasonable time (at least for us). But, then we had to take the dogs to the clinic for the weekend, and that also put us a little behind. Well, the trip down was uneventful, and we ended up getting there about 11:30pm. It was a little hard getting the kids settled, since they fell asleep on the way and woke up after getting there.

What was unexpected was Kate. She just couldn't get back to sleep at all. I was also having trouble. Scott was so tired, I don't think that he knew much that she wasn't sleeping. But, I did. She kept crawling to the bed and trying to get on it (she was on a pallet). And, loudly whispering her prayers over and over. So, I finally decided to get up with her and go watch TV. I gave her lots of milk, hoping that would make her sleepy. That was at 2am. I turned off the TV at 3am, and we fell asleep on the couch. I woke at 5:45am, and brought us back to bed (and her to the floor).

When Brooks woke up at 8:40am (now, you KNOW he was tired to have slept that long), Scott got up with him. I asked him to put Kate in the bed with me, and we'd sleep a bit longer. Well, she kept stirring, and then I whispered to her, "Do you want to get up?" And her whispered reply was, (I truly don't think she had anything else to say, after the previous night... She probably heard this 2,000 times!) "Close your eyes and go back to sleep!"

Scott and I did some last minute shopping and we opened gifts that night. Sunday, we got ready for church, and rode with Scott's parents in their van. Kate exclaimed with delight, "We're riding in Paw Paw's bullet!" So funny! We got home around 6pm Sunday night and got to bed early, because we had a long Monday ahead of us (see the next post).

Here are a few pictures of the weekend!

I love being a Veterinarian!

I think this holiday season is summed up in four words: Blue Ridge Animal Clinic. Have we been busy! I have done more surgery in the last week than I had done in several weeks, including things I hadn't done in years:

  1. Let's start with the dog who ate carpet. Whose owner let the dog eat the carpet. Exploratory surgery and (4) enterotomies (intestinal incisions) to remove the carpet. Dog did great.
  2. How about the puppy that was bought from someone online who was transported by the breeders (3) teenage grandsons. It's tried to die for the last two days. Got a blood transfusion, IV catheter, fluids (it's only 2 pounds). That required a trip to the clinic this morning (Christmas). I don't know if it's going to live or not.
  3. And, there is this cat who had a wound on his foot when the owners saw it last week. Then, it shows up yesterday. I ended up amputating (2) toes off his foot. It just wreaked of infection.
  4. Yes, and let's talk about the dog that the emergency clinic wondered if it was shot by an arrow in it's foot. (3) out of (4) high end toes were broken. That surgery took almost 2 hours yesterday. I HIGHLY doubt that it's going to work, but I was upfront with the owner. He wanted me to try. Come to find out, he's a documentarian by trade. Maybe an idea for another story? :)
  5. And, let me not forget, there was a cat with a lower K9 tooth at a very awkward angle - because the root was rotten. That cat tested positive for Feline Leukemia.
  6. And, how could I forget Noel? A kitten on the river bridge (beside the clinic) last Thursday. Had already been hit by a car, and it's right rear leg was irreparably broken. So, I amputated it. She's doing great. She's a tough cat. With a large nub.

And, you know what? I just love my job. I love what I do. There was a time after graduation that I wasn't sure that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. But, I have found a clinic where I enjoy what I do. I have a great boss. The girls with us are great.

And, I have a great family that accompanied me to the clinic on Christmas morning to try to help this most sick Christmas present. Without complaint. Kate was so glad to see Tiger and Nifty.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Many have asked - thanks to my sister for designing our card this year! I just love it!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Long and lean

Brooks' 15 month checkup was today. As Dr. Simon says, "He's long and lean". He looks great - still in the 10% for weight, 50% for height (that has been his trend since birth). He weighed 21 pounds 2 ounces today. He got 2 shots :( and Kate got her flu shot. Both did really well. Kate weighed 31 pounds today! I knew she had gotten heavy - but now I'm really glad she is in her big girl bed!

Monday, December 17, 2007

2 more funnies

Ok, so I neglected to mention that while we were at church last night, one of my dogs (Tristan for those who are wondering) ATE 2/3 of my cookies from the swap. Yes, I am cursed with my dogs taking my special treats (who can forget the "Shelby incident"?)

And, yesterday, while at Gutheries, Kate pooped in the potty for the 3rd time in a row! Yeah Kate! Well, she was SO proud of herself that when we came out of the bathroom, she started yelling (my parents were with us), "Mimi, I pooped in the potty! I pooped in the potty!" It was quite hilarious. Yes, there were other people there too. They just smiled and laughed. It was really cute - and they all understood! As far as I'm concerned, she can shout it throughout Eastdale Mall, as long as she poops in the potty! :)

Excessive Celebration II and Santa Closet

*Yes, our weekend of Christmas fun has come and gone, and it was great! We are tired but happy and glad to have accomplished our tasks.

*Friday went off without a hitch. My co-workers from the clinic came over for Christmas dinner. It was an informal affair and we had some fabulous food. Jason got here and finished hanging the chandelier around 4pm (and everyone arrived around 6:30pm). The light is beautiful and really adds to the room. We were very excited!

*Saturday we had Christmas Breakfast at the church bldg. We had been telling Kate that we were going to see Santa Clause again, and she was so excited to see Santa "Closet" (as she says). On the way there, she pulled one of her shoes off, and wanted help getting it back on. I told her she would have to wait until we got to the church bldg, and I would fix it there. TEARS welled up in her eyes, but she didn't make a whimper, but then said, "I don't want to go to church bldg, I want to see Santa Closet". Bless her - she was pitiful!

*She had a great time - and sat on Santa's lap (Brooks screamed this time!). When asked what she wanted for Christmas, she replied, "Presents". Makes my job easier! :)

*Then, Sunday was our Cookie Swap. I look forward to this every year. It is the most fun, and you get great cookies to take home to boot. This year it was at our house (I planned it the same weekend as the clinic dinner to just make it easier to keep our house REALLY clean for just 2 days... you know how it is with children...) I didn't get the house as ready as I would have liked it, but I got my best done. Being sick last week didn't help that. But, we all had such a good time, and I had a GREAT time.

*I have so looked forward to having people over, and Christmas here, so our house will feel like our home. And, it does more every day.

*So, we are exhausted, but happy. Work was crazy as usual. Scott has survived the busiest delivery day of the year; and even had a smile on his face when he got home. I will be shopping tomorrow. Enjoy these pictures from our weekend!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Excessive Celebration

Good luck to UGA in the Sugar Bowl!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Alabama spay/neuter tag

Isn't this the best? I am very excited about this, and I am going to get one for Bullet.
I sent an e-mail telling some friends about the tag, and found out that my good friend, Kirk Holland (a veterinarian in Dothan) designed the tag! How neat is that?
Anyway, they are available at any tag office. They are under pre-order for now (1000 must be pre-ordered before they are produced).

Thursday, December 13, 2007

We are feeling better

Our house is nearly back to normal - thank goodness! Overall, we really weren't that sick - Brooks ran a fever for only 2 days, Kate never got sick (Whew!), I am taking ab's and feel fine, and Scott is managing... He has been working so hard and still has another hard week to go...

But, since I have been under the weather this week, I am far behind where I thought I'd be at this point with getting ready for the weekend events. But, I am not even worried about it. How hard is that to believe? I guess I just have decided that what's done is done, and I'll deal with what isn't...

My friend, Wendy Chesser, brought her cat to our clinic today. She didn't know I was working there, and I was so glad to see her! We quickly decided that we were going to have to set up a lunch or dinner date monthly to keep up with how the other is doing. Her kids are getting so big, and she home schools them (and loves it). I'm not surprised - she is such an energetic and outgoing person. I'm so glad she came by today.

Anyway, I'll have lots of pictures to post in the coming days.

New Addition

We have a new addition to our extended family! Zane was born last night, and is a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Congratulations Paige and Phil!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Now I KNOW I'm not feeling good

I have been fighting with a paperless patient chart information sheet for my OBGYN (that I only found out TODAY that I have to have for my appt tomorrow at 9AM) and I can't get it to do get to the form where I actually answer any questions. I have agreed over 12 times to the conditions.

And, now I am in tears because I am so aggrivated.

So, obviously, I am not feeling good, because why else would I be crying?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Brooks' bed head, Kate's new big girl bed...

I have been thinking of this post for a while. Since this is for family and friends, and also my "journal/memory book", I wanted to take a minute and think about how my kids are so different:
  • Kate and Brooks have always been good sleepers.

  • Kate will sleep until 7am, and Brooks is up before 6am talking.

  • Brooks is much more of a talker than Kate was.

  • Kate is a much better eater than Brooks is.

  • Kate would try so much food; Brooks will try hardly anything.

  • Kate was always great at dressing (she learned quickly to help us put her shirts on); Brooks has never liked being dressed.

  • Brooks is great at letting me put his shoes on - he holds his feet up to do it. Kate used to fight me by curling her toes.

  • Kate seems tougher than Brooks. He is much more sensitive.
  • The were both late crawlers and walkers (Brooks isn't walking yet).

  • Kate's teeth came in one at the time. Brooks' teeth come in groups.

  • So, Kate had little trouble teething. Brooks was a nightmare.

  • When Kate is sick, we are usually up and down with her at night. Brooks has never woken us up at night when he is sick.

  • Kate was much sicker as a baby than Brooks has been.

  • They are both great car riders.

  • Kate is a daddy's girl; Brooks is a mama's boy.

  • Kate loves my horse, Reed. Brooks wants nothing much to do with him (although he is getting better)

  • Kate loves, loves, loves milk. Brooks is difficult to get to drink it, although he is getting better.

  • Kate was a late talker. Brooks babbles all the time. I think he gets that from Scott.

  • Both are great medicine takers.

  • Kate loves to read books. Brooks isn't as interested (could it be because he is the 2nd child and I don't have as much time?)

  • Kate was a little ticklish. You can almost make Brooks laugh by thinking about tickling him.

  • Brooks has always smiled and laughed. Kate didn't have that hearty laugh as a baby that he has. I know he gets that from Scott!

Well, I'm sure that I will come up with more. I really enjoyed that!

Kiddo update

Well, enough of my philosophy, and back to our family news.

Brooks started running a fever today. He was so wonderful in church this morning - we didn't have to leave! (for the first time ever, I think). Alas, during lunch he felt awfully warm, and was a little oven by the time we got home. I guess we will wait to see if he continues the good church boy trend after he is well. He is feeling much better now - crawling around our bedroom now.

I, however, have been sneezing and have a touch of a sore throat. I am craving some orange juice and am praying that the plague passes before our "weekend of Christmas fun"! Friday night we are having Christmas dinner for the girls from work; Saturday is the holiday morning with Santa at church; and Sunday is our cookie swap.

Jason is hopefully coming on Tuesday to get the electricity run to hang our chandelier in our "new" dining room. I finished painting the table and it looks great. I am very pleased. So we have a mad dash to Friday night.

On a side note, my hair did GREAT today! It is a really good day when your hair looks good!

On another side note, I received a belated anniversary present this past week. Our 10 year anniversary was this past May, and since that fell the week after we closed on our new house, we decided to dedicate our time here. Well, last week I saw this most beautiful vintage wedding set while out "looking". I have always wanted a ring like this - and I am so excited that Scott said that I could get it. When I showed it to him, he said it was OK, but it wasn't something that he would have picked out! :) It's a good thing that I did, because I just love it! Thank you, honey!

So, we are getting excited about this week. Pray for some good health for us, if you would!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

What annoys you about the Christmas holidays?

I just completed a "Christmas Survey for your friends" e-mail, which I love to do. It's fun to give your opinion on some topics.

One of the questions was, "What is most annoying to you about the Christmas holidays?"

For me, it is the pressure to buy expensive, impressive or just plain more presents. I sometimes feel that I am such a simplistic person. I consider myself very content, and there is very little that I wish for or yearn for in this life that I don't already have.

I think, though, what I wish for most, is a simpler time.

I wish that our neighborhood could be like Mayberry; our family be like the Cleavers; our house filled with stories and singing rather than television and movies (ironically, how would I know about Mayberry or the Cleavers without TV? I know, I know...). While I am sure that I have idealized the periods just a bit, I still remember walking to my friends homes and riding my bike for just a little while after dark. I wonder if my kids will experience that.

Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't trade a hot shower for life 100 years ago. After all, that IS a lot to ask!

My children are not old enough to really appreciate what Santa is all about. But, when they are, I want them to enjoy the innocence of this tradition for as long as they can. Is there a way for them to want something and be satisfied at the same time? I'm sure they won't as children - for that is something I hopefully can teach them.

I hope this is something that I am ALREADY teaching them.

'Nuff said. (gotcha Randy Medlin)

Monday, December 3, 2007

My loves

I have 101 errands to run tomorrow.
Scott didn't get home until 8:50pm.
We are beat.

But, I love my life.

I love my husband.
I love my children.
I love my parents.
I love my family.
I love my job.
I love my dogs.
I love my house.
I love my neighbors.
I love my friends.
I love Christmas.
I love being a Christian.
I love being loved by God.

At least it's colder today...

You know, it's just not right when it's in the 70's in December.

So, what have we been doing for the last few days?

Friday, I got a "wild hair" (as my Mom would say) and I decided to move the living room around again. I thought I was happy with the last arrangement, but I don't think I totally was. Kate helped me and it was quite comical. She was really getting into it... "Push, Mama!" And, I forgot to mention it to Scott before he came home (well, not exactly forgot, but I wanted it to be a surprise), so when he came in the living room, he was surprised! Time will only tell how long it will stay this way.

And, I got my Christmas tree finished. I am quite pleased with it, but I have NOT been pleased with the pictures I have taken to show you. I am still working on that.

Gran Gran and Paw Paw stopped by to see the kids on the way to Anniston on Saturday. It was a quick visit, but we enjoyed seeing them. Gran Gran made many new bows for Kate, and I was just tickled to get them. And, of course, the rest of the day was spent watching college football - ****if TN could have only beaten LSU****

Sundays are so hectic for us. On top of that, we bowled with our Sunday School class after church. We had such a good time, but I really S-T-U-N-K. If I ever bowl well, I was having a lucky night. Well, I really wasn't lucky last night. Scott bowled well, as usual. Not as good as he could have, but he still did well. Scott is good at most sports he plays. Except, maybe golf...

Today I worked - and it was BUSY. But, it is the first Monday of the month - and I play Bunco on those nights! It is such fun to just laugh and laugh with the girls. I guess you would have to be there to know how much fun we have! And, the food was fabulous - Rebecca always goes out of her way to entertain. Bunco is at my house next month, and I am so excited about it! Terri and I have already been scheming about that...

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Is this not the sweetest picture ever?

I don't know of anything else that more closely conveys a young girl's love of her horse. This print is by Leslie Harrison.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


This week I am working on our Christmas decorations. It has taken a while this time, but things are coming together nicely. I am ALMOST finished with our tree in the living room. I am really excited about it this year - I am very meticulous with decorating the tree. But, since several happenings will be at Auburn Hill Drive this year, I want it to look extra special!

I guess, after that, we don't have any new news to share. Scott is in full swing at UPS. He says he is the real "Santa Clause". The kids are great, happy AND well! We are really looking forward to all the Christmas festivities planned for the coming weeks.

When the tree is finished, I will post some pics. Until then....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Melissa, do you remember this?

I have had this for years, and still hang it my tree! And, now (finally) I can show you that I am still a sentimental person... HA! It is dated 1986. I think this was the last Christmas before you moved to FL, is that right? Anyway, when I see it, fond memories always flood my mind...
****Collecting rocks
****Walking to your house (like anyone could do that now)
****Spending the night at your Grandparents (Clarks) and cooking pudding and making place mats and NOT going to sleep
****The cuckoo clock and piano in your parent's living room
****Do you remember seeing those huge rats in the water ditch?
****Brad Smith
****Sherman Menchew
****Hitting the boys with our purses after church
****The impossibly steep driveway at your house
****Your Mom's Chevy Blazer (you guys were the trailblazers)
****Alex, the huge black lab
****Getting the Disney Channel with the plastic stick made from the milk jug (I remember your Dad showing my Dad how to do that)
****Brian throwing the box of candy at Casey's feet that Valentines Day
Thanks for being my first real best friend. I'm so glad to be able to keep up with you now!

My sweet daughter

2 funny Kate things:

1. Aunt Casey and Sophia brought several toys for Brooks to play with. Well, Kate (of course) loves them too. Last night, she started playing a toy piano (just 4 keys, mind you) and wanted me to play too. I started singing the color with the tone of the key... "Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange!" Then, Kate starts asking, "Sing it again, Mama! Sing it again!" So, I start singing the color song, and she starts jumping (her version of dancing) down the hall....

2. This past weekend, while folding laundry, Kate came over to me (just before bed), and said so sweetly, "Mama, you are my best friend". I just don't know of anything else that could have melted my heart more.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

My sweet husband

After a hectic few days, Scott spent yesterday afternoon at Mark and Leah's watching the GA/GT game (go Dawgs!). I ended up not going because the kids were spent and desperate for a long nap yesterday. Last night we ended up not doing much and the house was a disaster.

Today, Scott repaid Mark for prison ministry, so I had the kids all afternoon. Now, you would have to know us to know this - Sunday afternoons are made for sleeping and NOTHING ELSE. But, after getting the kids down for their naps, I decided to clean the house instead (no nap for me). I got a lot done, and was pleased it when we left for church tonight.

Scott met us there after church (yes, it takes all afternoon). On our way home, he asked what I did this afternoon. I replied (smiling), "I did get to eat 2 grapefruit (the TRUTH)". He just smiled. Taking the bait, I asked him if he was still going to Walmart tonight. "No" he said, "I will my time would be better spend helping you clean up the house for tomorrow." Then, a bit later, he asked me (smiling), "So, how long did you sleep for today?". I answered, "Well, I don't really know.." He just laughed, smiled broadly, and said, "I just love you..." And he really meant it.

All was forgotten when we got home. I took Brooks and Kate inside while he was unloading the car. After I got the kids changed for bed, we came back to the living room, and boy was he suprised at our clean house!

A few minutes later, he asked my why I was smiling at him in the car tonight. I told him that most husbands (and wives, even me...) would probably have started fussing and complaining that I had all afternoon to at least get started on the house, and all I did was take a nap and eat grapefruit. Yet, his response to me was he loved me (and, no he wasn't kidding... and wasn't mad, either!).

Sometimes I forget that I do have the sweetest husband in the world, Scott. And, boy do I love you!

Happy Thanksgiving 2007

Finally, some pictures to show. We had such a great time this weekend. It always goes by so quickly! This year, we had Thanksgiving back at my Grandparents house - and I was so glad! It was VERY crowded, but it was so good to have us all together there. I will trade cramped anyday for the memories of that house.

We are settled in, tired, and ready to start another week.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Is anyone else having trouble posting pictures besides me?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Prayer request

Some friends from church, Charlie and Julie, are in B'ham with their son, Cooper. He was having trouble breathing, so Julie took him to her pediatrician, which sent them to Baptist South, which had Cooper sent by helicopter to Children's Hospital. He seems to be doing better, and will possibly go home today. Please pray for them. Cooper is 11 months old.

We have so much to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Well, that can't be good...."

Has it been a week since posting? Yikes!

To catch you up:

I did work 3 days last week at the clinic. Dr. Brooks took a well deserved long weekend to Gulf Shores. It wasn't all that bad (busy/overwhelming, that is), but it still whipped me a bit. Then, some friends came over and ate with us Sat night, we took our adopted student out for lunch on Sunday AM, and went to BK with Mark and Leah Sunday night.

Then, it was back to the old grind on Monday with work.

We are all doing fine. I however, have been struggling with oral ulcers for the last month. It seems that as soon as one heals, another starts. This past weekend, I had 3 of them. This time, they were on both sides of my mouth, so it has made it so hard to eat. I believe that's another reason I got whipped this weekend. But, they are feeling better today, thank goodness! In fact, I ate a HUGE BBQ sandwich for lunch and enjoyed every second of it. My ulcers hurt a little, but I could eat reasonably comfortably.

Today, I took the kids into work (YIKES!) to help Dr. Brooks out this morning. She has lithotrophy done on her heels (for heel spurs) yesterday. We all weren't sure how she was going to feel, but she said her feet felt pretty good. I had also taken a sweet little poodle home last night - she came in hit by a car last night about 5pm - and belongs to the sweetest older gentleman you will ever meet. She was seizing on arrival, and I ended up having to sedate her to get her to stop. She did very well last night and I had to bring her back to the clinic anyway. The kids were great - Kate played with the pill vials (which is what she usually does) and the girls took turns holding Brooks (he actually gets quite heavy the longer you hold him) while I did a few surgeries and saw a few rooms.

So, this afternoon I took one of our techs, Jessica, to my orthodontist in B'ham. She made an appt for a consultation about braces. I was thrilled that she wanted to see him, and when she asked if I wanted to go, of course I said yes! So, here we go (again) with children in tow (YIKES again). Dr. Boggan came over and gave me a big hug when he saw us in the waiting room. And, much to my amusement (and his, too, I'm sure) I immediately "confessed" that I still had 7 aligners to use to complete my treatment... After a sweet reprimand, I agreed to go back to wearing them again! I really needed to, anyway. I think after Thanksgiving... I think... HA!

I'm so glad I got to go with Jessica. She is such a good girl, and really reminds me of myself at that age. She is a very dedicated student and is so ready to go to vet school! We agreed that we should plan our appts together so that we can ride together to B'ham to see Dr. Boggan.

Tomorrow I will spend the day cooking my portion of Thanksgiving dinner. We are going to my Grandparents' house as is our tradition, and I just love it. My favorite part is the GRAPEFRUIT that Aunt Pat brings from FL. Yet, another reason to get rid of these ulcers! ARGH!

OH.... lest I forget....

Brooks accidentally set off the fire alarms during the sermon at church Sunday AM. I actually heard our minister Randy say (in midst of his sermon), "Well, that can't be good..." It was quite harmless, I was quite embarrassed, and all I could think of was one day saying...... "Do you remember that Sunday that Brooks set off the fire alarms at church?"

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Even the cow was smiling"

I was (again) wasting some time this morning (it's almost scary at how good I am at doing this). Most of my friends know that I have wanted to be a veterinarian for most of my life. In high school I read James Herriot's novels of being a country veterinarian in England. His stories are an endearing portrait of a veterinarian's daily life.

This is an excerpt of one of my FAVORITE stories in All Creatures Great and Small, and something that frequented my mind during clinics in school.

"They didn't say anything about this in the books, I thought, as the snow blew in through the gaping doorway and settled on my naked back.

I lay face down on the cobbled floor in a pool of nameless muck, my arm deep inside the straining cow, my feet scabbing for a toe hold between the stones. I was stripped to the waist and the snow mingled with the dirt and the dried blood on my body. I could see nothing outside the circle of flickering light thrown by the smoky oil lamp which the farmer held over me.

No, there wasn't a word in the books about searching for your ropes and instruments in the shadows; about trying to keep clean in a half bucket of tepid water; about the cobbles digging into your chest. Nor about the slow numbing of the arms, the creeping paralysis of the muscles as the fingers tried to work against the cow's powerful expulsive efforts.

There was no mention anywhere of the gradual exhaustion, the feeling of futility and the little far-off voice of panic.

My mind went back to that picture in the obstetrics book. A cow standing in the middle of a gleaming floor while a sleek veterinary surgeon in a spotless parturition overall inserted his arm to a polite distance. He was relaxed and smiling, the farmer and his helpers were smiling, even the cow was smiling. There was no dirt or blood or sweat anywhere."

It is humbling to know that your very thoughts have been shared by greats of your profession.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Playing around with stitch

So, this morning I am on the computer playing with pictures (like I so have time to be doing this). But, I got a picture of my cats stitched together from last year. It was so funny seeing them together on the bed like this. I'm so glad I got this. It's still hard to believe that Jack and Shasta are gone.

Monday, November 12, 2007

And, how could I forget?!?!

My sweet little boy can...


No more laughing at my baby for having other 6 month olds showing him up! :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Well, our time in Gatlinburg was so special this year! Here's the rundown:

We got there last Friday. The kids did amazingly well on the ride up there! Kate had run a slight fever last Wednesday night, and was coughing some. Brooks was starting with a runny nose. And, they were wonderful. We were amazed.

We did so much shopping! I know, I know, why do you go to the mountains and spend so much time shopping? Well, mostly because I don't get to. I don't like to shop alone, and with Angie, Mom and Scott there, I had so much fun! Plus, I did have a few things on my list to get while we were there.

I bought several books while we were there. I wanted to read the book "My Father's Secret War" by Lucinda Franks. It is the latest book on NPR that Dick Estell is reading. I have enjoyed listening to it, but don't get to hear it every day. It is really good (I'm only halfway through because it has gotten slow). I hope to finish it soon. I also got Little Women. Haven't read that since high school and thought I'd give it a real read this time!

We went swimming on Monday in the heated pool outside. It was wonderful. Kate is SO into "swimming" these days - she would be a fish if she could. It was 72 degrees that day... the rest of the week the highs were in the lower 50's.

We visited a beautiful old cemetery in Gatlinburg that we go to when we are there. The leaves are so pretty. It was very humbling to see so many babies buried there. One family lost every baby born for 5 years in a row. Each lived a day or less. How heartbreaking that must have been for that family. They were such poor people in those days (early 1910's). Check out the pic of the headstones - I was able to get all in one shot.

Chris and Angie came up on Sunday and stayed until Wednesday. We really enjoyed getting to spend time with them! Getting ready Sunday AM for church felt just like it did in the dorm - minus "Primetime"!

Mom was great and cooked all week. We only ate out once, and that was great. It is so much easier to eat at home with the kids being so little. The food was great - cube steak, mac/cheese, mashed potatoes, vegetable soup, baked ham - and incredible biscuits! Thanks for working so hard, Mom. Oh, and can I forget - Paul's Brownies! They are wonderful!

I also had some funny quotes from the week that I thought I'd share:

"Peace out, cracker" (yes, Scott taught that to Kate)
"Where's Miss Angie and Uncle Tim?" (she was just a little confused)
"Going to go back to the Mountains" (aka- going back to the condo)
"That man was Mister Magoo that got burned in a toaster" (you had to be there for that one)

OK - so this post is way to long! Sorry!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yeah for Kate!

Kate took (well, almost) her first real poop in the potty today! Scott and I were so excited and danced and made the biggest deal of this one! I have started spanking her for going in her panties, and that has only gone on for 3 days (at 1 poop a day). So, if this trend continues, how happy I will be!!! One can only hope!

Today's poop conversation:

Mama: "Kate, what will happen if you poop in your panties?"
Kate: (looking up at the ceiling, saying nothing)
M: "Kate, what will happen if you poop in your panties?"
K: (looking around) "I no poop in the panties"
M: "Yes, but what will happen if you poop in your panties?"
K: (still looking around) "I no poop in the panties"
M: "If you poop in your panties, you will get a spanking, right?"
K: (now looking at me - I have her attention) "Kate no spanking"
M: "And, if you poop in the potty, what will happen?"
K: "I no poop in the panties"
M: "But, what will happen if you poop in the potty?"
K: (looking around again)
M: "You will get a pumpkin! Maybe even 2!" (I'm desperate)
K: "And, 2 stickers too, Mama?!"
M: (Thinking, yes, honey, all the stickers you want!)

We stopped at McDonald's coming home yesterday, and I took Kate to the potty with me. I went first, and she was excited that Mama had to potty too. After I finished did I realize that there was no toilet paper our stall. So, I asked Kate to go to the next stall and get me some. She finally did, after some coaxing. She brought back a piece about 12 inches long. Wow. Not enough for me, though. I asked her to bring some more. She then brought back a piece about 3 inches long. On the third attempt, she brought back a thumb sized piece.

I was then rescued by another customer coming in the bathroom who provided me with an ample showing of toilet paper.

I thought about Noah sending out the raven and dove, as I sat wondering just how much toilet paper Kate would bring back this time.

We're home...

We got back late last night, and just let me say, we have the most wonderful kids in the world. The trip, both up there and back, was just wonderful. Very little crying, and mostly laughing! It made our trip even better!

I am coming with more posts and PICTURES, hopefully today!

I loved the sign in! I check on each of your blogs every day! We love you all and can't wait to share some mountain stories!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

We're here!

So,we are here in the mountains! The kids did great on the trip up here. Thank goodness!

While we are here, I thought it would be neat to have my blog readers just "sign in" with me... Leave a comment so I will know who is blogging us! :)

I really appreciate all the regular readers. This is way better than checking e-mails!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Gatlinburg, here we come!

We are going to be in Gatlinburg this coming week, so I may not get to post as much as I like. If I find I have access to a PC while there I will fill you all in on how our trip is going.

Pray for our sanity - the DVD player for the car that we were going to borrow wasn't working, so we are going at it alone. I don't know which would be more fun - listening to Elmo for 6 or so hours, or listening to fussing for 6 or so hours... :) Who am I kidding? I can't wait! I look forward to this trip all year!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween pictures!

**** Pictures from Trunk or Treat! Enjoy!
**** Thanks to Leah for the cheer outfit. That was really fun for me! BTW - when Paige said she wasn't good at taking pictures, she wasn't kidding! This is the only blurry one! :) Scott WAS going to dress up as a male cheerleader - but he showed up too late to dress up...

The back splash! What do you think?

Ok, here are the pictures!
****The first picture was taken before we got possession of the house. Yes, this is a disaster. I can still remember the smell of shrimp wafting through the house. Yuck.
****The second is of the original stove, again taken when the previous owners were still here. Notice the tin foil that lined the back and sides of the cabinets. Yes, that was there to cover the burnt marks on the cabinets from the previous grease fire.
****The third is of the cabinets mid painting. At this point, we had the new appliances in, and the counters and floors had been put in as well. Of course, the entire kitchen looks unbelievably cluttered - and that's OUR MESS!
****The fourth is of the tile, pre-grout. NO, I did not take a before pic of the back splash. It was bare sheet rock from where we had pulled the wallpaper down. I meant to take a pic last Friday morning, but in my busyness I forgot.
****And, the fifth is post grout! I almost had a disaster getting the bits of grout up off the counters and stove - like living at a beach house and having sand everywhere. But, we are so happy with the results! Every time we update something, I think, "This is the best thing we have done" - and I think that about this back splash! A local flooring business here in Millbrook did it, and we got a good deal on the project.
****Thanks for all the encouraging comments all along. Our house is becoming our home.
****AS other bloggers have complained, SORRY that the writing is all jumbled! It wasn't typed that way!****

Weekend update

Here we go!:

I am starting with some pictures of the party at the barn. We had a great time and the horses' costumes were very inventive! I don't have pictures of everyone, but I (of course) got plenty of pictures of Kate. She had a blast and enjoyed spending time with Reed. He was very cute, too!

Nia and I took the Jr. and Sr. High girls to Ruby Tuesdays to reveal their secret sisters. We all had a really good time. The girls were just so much fun to teach (even challenging at times). I was glad for the opportunity.

Gran Gran and Paw Paw were also down for the weekend. Kate was her shy self - bless her, she is her mother's child. But, she warmed up and I think that she gave them a good time. Brooks was really good the whole time. He is a different child since those teeth came in, and I am glad to have my sweet baby back!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Baby bird

Wow - have we been busy! :)
This week has been a good one at the Busby house. For starters, did I tell you that we have another cat? Before you think we are REALLY crazy, let me tell you that this cat found us. He is going to stay an outside cat. We have named him Frank. He is so good with Kate, and she just loves him. I took him into work and neutered and vaccinated him so he is official.
The best thing is we are getting our backsplash tiled! They set the tile yesterday and are going to grout it this morning. I have pictures to post when I have time - but it looks so great! When Kate woke from her nap, she came into the kitchen and said, "Mama, look at all the diamonds!" (we have it set on a diagonal)
Anyway, the rest of our busyness is somewhat boring so I will spare you the details. Scott's parents are in town and are going to love up on our kids this weekend. We will have lots of pictures to show of the barn party and kitchen next week!

Pumkin Pie

What a sweet girl we have...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

We went to the Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch on Saturday, and it was the best ever! I don't know if I had more fun or if the kids did. We got 2 pumpkins to bring home that are on the front porch. We got really big ones! Glad that Scott could carry them - in fact the pumpkins rode in the stroller on the way to the car, while I carried Brooks and Kate walked. We are definitely going back next year!

We have just had such a nice weekend. I'm looking forward to next week! Scott's parents are coming for a visit, and we have 2 Halloween parties to go to on Saturday! What fun. One of them is a Halloween party at the barn, and Kate and Reed (my horse) will be dressing up like ladybugs. Uncle Mark just can't imagine it, but I think he will be surprised.

Sorry, I was never able to get these pictures to post. I will use another service next time.

Friday, October 19, 2007

We're doing our part.

For those who aren't aware, this weekend in Montgomery has been designated a "crime free weekend".

Just wanted you all to know that we plan on doing our part.

Nope, no crimes for the Busby's this weekend.

Isn't public service rewarding?

White towels

I feel like it's really the fall, because we are getting so busy with places we are going and things we are doing! I hopefully won't get things confused as I try to keep them straight.

Can you ever underestimate the feel of a brand new white towel?

This week, I finally used a Macy's gift card I have had for several months and bought some new towels. They got here yesterday and they are just so soft and clean. Towels are on my list of things that are always nice to have new, but I NEVER think of getting them. Like a new pair of scissors. How often do you ever buy scissors? How often do you wish you had a good pair?
What other things are there out there that are great to get, but you never think to actually BUY them?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our week

I will catch you up on what we have been doing these past weeks.

For starters, 2 weekends ago, our former adopted student Holly came up for homecoming at FU. She stayed with us on Sat. night, and we had a great time. Kate really enjoyed seeing her, and she remembered her, too! Our new adopted student, Mattie, came over for supper that Sat night and it was fun seeing our adopted students together!

This past weekend we spent Saturday painting inside the house. Scott has caulked the crown molding in the living room, and I got the mantle painted, and some of the window casings painted too. There is so much still to do inside our house, but we are back on track working on it. (we have taken breaks here and there). I also got our dining room table painted with primer - and it is ready for a paint coat... I am going to do a treatment similar to our cabinets, but make the chocolate glaze darker. I also have 4 casters to place under the table legs to raise the height a bit.

The past few weeks at work have been really nice. Busy, but not overwhelming. Kathleen called me today and told me that Kirk was probably going to call to see if I could possibly help with their clinic in Dothan - I would love to get to work with Kirk. But, it will be a job to get down there - leaving the kids here, of course. We'll see - if he needs me.

Life is returning to normal since losing Jack. It is now much easier to think about happier times and funnier days. We still miss him, and Kate still remembers to thank God for him in her prayers at night. She hasn't asked about him but still thanks God for him. She is such a sweet girl.

Brooks is still teething - I can see 4 teeth on the verge of eruption - and there are probably more. He has been incredibly difficult for the last 3 weeks. While I am trying to understand, it is still frustrating. He can be so sweet and so good, and so frustrating at times. Much more than Kate ever has been. Kathleen suggested the book by James Dobson about raising strong willed boys. I think I need to read it.

We are anxiously getting ready to go to the Mountains. It is only 2 weeks away - so hard to believe! Kate has been saying, "Gon to see Papa, Gon see Boots (his dog)". That tickles Papa good.

Well, I think that pretty much covers it. I am thankful for a less stressful week than the last.

Monday, October 15, 2007

A typical day... no kidding

Notice Kate sitting on Scott's back.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Man

1. Who is your man? Scott Busby

2. How long have you been together? 13 1/2 years! How time flies!

3. How long did you date? Almost 3 years

4. How old is your man? 36

5. Who eats more? Hands down, Scott. He eats a better variety than I do, too. Anyone who knows me knows this is a pointless question...

6. Who said "I love you " first? Scott. We had been dating about 6 months when he first told me. I told him that I didn't want him to tell me unless he really meant it. And, he did!

7. Who is taller? Scott by a 3 inches. Another reason I didn't wear shoes when we got married.

8. Who sings better? I do - I was in chorus in college. Singing in church is the best.

9. Who is smarter? I would say we are both smart in different ways.

10. Whose temper is worse? Yes, that would have to be me. Scott is much more even tempered than I am.

11. Who does the laundry? Me, usually. I like to do the kids clothes to make sure that the stains are gone.

12. Who takes out the garbage? Scott, usually.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Uh, which side is the right side? HA! If you are in the bed, I sleep on the right side.

14. Who pays the bills? Me.

15. Who is better with the computer? Definitely me.

16. Who mows the lawn? Scott. I have too much to do inside to tackle that!

17. Who cooks dinner? When dinner is cooked, I do it. Scott would say that isn't very often.

18. Who drives when you are together? Scott. Kate calls it "Daddy's seat".

19. Who pays when you go out? Me, usually. I keep the checkbook and debit card.

20. Who is most stubborn? OH BROTHER! Me, definitely (yes, keep laughing Casey and Mom!). Our family is known for stubborn offspring!

21. Who is the 1st to admit when they are wrong? Scott is - remember who is most stubborn?

22. Whose parents do you see the most? Mine, because they live in town.

23. Who kissed who first? Scott kissed me. If he would have waited for me, we might still be dating.

24. Who asked who out? Scott. When he asked me, I didn't think he was serious. I told him he could find my phone number if he was really serious. Then he called... boy, was I embarrassed!

25. Who proposed? Scott

26. Who is more sensitive? I am more sensitive, but Scott is more romantic.

27. Who has more friends? I think I do, because I really crave good girlfriends. Plus, I usually keep up with distant friends better.

28. Who has more siblings? Me - I have 2 and he has 1.

29. Who wears the pants in the family? Scott, of course. I love him being in charge and the head of our family. It means a lot to me, as a wife.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Jack

What do you say when you've had a cat for 12 1/2 years?

We lost our cat, Jack, on Monday. All I can say is I am heartbroken.
I remember so well when I took him home as a kitten. He was the orange kitten that was climbing the front of the cage, where the other kittens just sat inside. The foreshadowing of quite a personality.
This cat was more dog than cat. He was the one who greeted people at the door when we had visitors. He was the one who would open all my kitchen cabinet doors while I was gone, which would freak me out. He got into more trouble than any other cat I have had. And, now I miss him terribly.
The last few days I have tried to remember all the ways he just aggravated me, but I just can't. All I can think of is this link to my college days, getting married, our first house, vet school and children is gone. I feel that him being gone this way, I let him down. And, in turn, let myself down. Of course, had I known, I would have done things differently. But, being human and not knowing, I don't think I would have.
Thank goodness our kids are too young to understand. That also makes me sad, because they will never remember him. But, I guess that would be more for my comfort, not theirs.
Having lost special pets before, I know that time will help. I just wish time would speed up for a little while.

Monday, October 8, 2007

And then I kissed him inside, do you want me to call your Mama?

2 funnies from my day:

Conversation of a friend with her YOUNG daughter:

"Mama, I told Johnny he was my boyfriend"
"You did?" said her Mom
"And, I kissed him Mama"
"Oh, and where did you kiss him?"
"And, then I kissed him inside"

From a client of a very unruly cat: "Dr. Busby, I meant to tell the receptionist, the next time Midnight is here and you think he is going to act up, I want you to tell him, 'Midnight, do you want me to call your Mama?'

"Mrs. Smith, I don't think that would make Midnight calm down."

"Really?" said Mrs. Smith seriously. "You don't think so?"

Friday, October 5, 2007

I know he doesn't feel good, but

Let me tell you, it was one of those mornings. Scott had to leave early again for another dental/post op checkup in Prattville. I got the kids up and going with milk and Tigger and Pooh. Brooks is happy for about 10 minutes after drinking his milk, then the tears came. Again.

He has been sick since last Saturday. Granted, he isn't running a fever anymore, but he is coughing and cranky.

So, I just put him back to bed. Well, it worked! He slept from 8am-9:30. By then, I had Kate and myself ready, and we got Brooks and headed out shopping. We got many errands run in Prattville and ended up at Pizza Hut at Target. Well, they both ate like a charm (thank goodness, because I had not a drop of baby food or milk with me). So, we got our errands run.

The kids enjoyed getting out, as I did.

Yes, I took my coughing child out to run errands.

I just needed a break from our house and his crying.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

We ended up at Dr. Simon's office today with Brooks. He is coughing his head off, but otherwise feeling fine! So we got a thumbs up - clear chest, throat, ears. While I'm thankful for that, I hope that these things don't get worse while we are dealing with this cough.

Scott got a filling this morning - poor thing. His life has been about his teeth lately. But, I must say that he is a trooper and survived another appt at Dr. Lumpkin's office. That office needs to send us a Christmas thank you card this year for our patronage.

May I just say that I am so ready for Christmas?!?! I can't wait to make some holiday memories in our new house to make it feel more like home. I have so many ideas of things to do - time will tell which will actually come to fruition. One things for sure - I have 3 Christmas trees to put up this year! Scott is SO EXCITED!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Oh, and I forgot to say, that BUNCO started back again on Monday night! What fun. The food was delicious and the play was fantastic. I have to say, I was really skeptical about doing this at first, but 3 years later it is something that I really look forward to!

And Leah, Scott was really excited about the potential of the final prize. I think that he will start counting Sunday nights before BUNCO as "holidays".

Here is a picture of Kate before church on Sunday. I stayed home with Brooks that morning, and Scott stayed home with him that night. He is feeling fine now - I am just sneezing and have a congested head.