Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend updates

Our weekend was just wonderful.

I took several pictures of various flowers around our yard. We are getting to experience this for the first time and love it!

So, Scott got TONS of yard work done on Saturday (Thanks, Honey!) Though there is still more to do, it is getting under control. We are excited about planting new plants and flowers this spring.

Today, I checked blood work on our Lepto dog and his kidney function is normal. I was pretty excited! Unfortunately, the owner's niece (whom is in the household) was hospitalized over the weekend with flu like symptoms - which could be signs of Lepto. She is 6 years old. At this time, the doctors don't think that is what she has, but who knows, with the history. I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers.

So, tonight my time will be filled with paying bills and the checkbook balancing. Fun, fun, fun.
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Friday, March 28, 2008

And, we have Lepto!

So, I was outside taking pictures of the kids Wednesday and I thought that this was a funny picture. Poor Brooks. I don't know what he was crying over - but he wasn't happy (especially that I was taking his picture!)

Yesterday, we got confirmation that our dog is positive for Lepto. I am very excited about this (now, wait just a minute before you ask WHY) because I have never had a case like this before. It is very exciting AND will be something that I remember. Plus, there is gratitude that you are on the right track with your diagnosis. The dog is improving and his kidneys are improving slowly. As for myself, I have been on antibiotics since Monday (although I keep forgetting to take them...) and I believe that I will be fine.

As for us this weekend, there is an Art Festival that I want to go to on Saturday, and we have Miss Marley's first birthday party after that. There is tons of yard work to get to, and I hope to get to that, because I want to enjoy some outside weather!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Interesting work!

I have had a long week at work so far.

Dr. B is feeling really under the weather, so I ended up working on Tuesday also. Mom reluctantly agreed (thank you, Mom!) to watch the kids. On Monday we had a dog with presenting signs of leptospirosis (a bacteria you can get from opossums, dogs, rats, raccoons, moles and more) and causes acute kidney failure and/or liver failure. But, by the time that we were getting to that point of figuring this out, we had all exposed ourselves to this dog's urine (how it is transmitted) and thus potentially infected ourselves! I spoke to Dr. Moon that night and he advised me to start on antibiotics immediately until we get conformation of whether the dog actually has it or not.


Today I have spent the day trying to get caught up with the house. The laundry, cooking and daily clean was really behind. I am quite proud of all that I have gotten accomplished so far - but it is time to stop and get ready for church tonight.

I will keep all of my loyal readers posted on the suspenseful test results - we should get back on Friday. BTW - the dog is hanging in there. As I told the owner, every day he is alive is counted in the good column!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lots to write, pics to follow

OK - our busy weekend actually started when we decided to ride the church van on the way there (who can forget Bullet's "issue" 2 years ago?) That decision was made late Wednesday night. Mindful, I work on Thursday. So, we had to pack on Wed night after church. Yuck. With packing finished, I brought the kids to Mom and Dads the next morning (to stay there while I worked), so that we could spend the night there that night (we had to be at the church bldg at 6:45am Friday morning). We got up at 6am, Dad and Scott watched the ISS and the docked Space Shuttle go over the horizon (really) and afterwards we rushed to the bldg.

The trip was fine. The kids did great going up there. We got to our room, I showered, and then we took off to find something to eat. After Kate managed to get pizza sauce all over her clothes, we went back to our room to get a nap. We saw some puppet performances that afternoon - but didn't go to the awards that night - we were just too tired!

Kate had her own bed, we brought the pack-n-play for Brooks, and we had our bed. I don't think we got 3 good hours of sleep that night. Brooks talks (babbles, rather) in his sleep, and Kate just plain wouldn't quit talking.

So, exhausted, we got up at 6:30 am Sat morning (5:30 AL time.... 4:30 AL time 2 weeks ago) and I took Kate to see some of the girls speeches. Caroline L. did such a great job - she ended up winning her division. Then we met up with Scott, had an early lunch, and I headed to the "University room" to watch Lucy B and Trace C while their siblings competed. Brooks and Scott headed to the room to get some sleep. We met back at our hotel room later on, in time for Brooks to wake up and Kate to sleep while Scott judged Bible Bowl. Later on we met with Angie and Allen and got some supper before the awards.

The awards night is so fun. It is really loud and you can really show your church spirit. The Youth group kids did such a great job. Unfortunately, though, we missed most of it because OUR kids had had it. So had I, frankly. So we went to bed early, I took a Dramamine, and slept very nicely!

Sun AM we got up at 6:00 AM (5 AM AL time) and got the room packed up before church, which started at 8 AM. I thought that the kids might like a doughnut before, but they both refused (after I had gotten in line, bought them, and got downstairs to get them to eat them. Oh well) Scott barely made it in time to take communion. But, he did. Then we waited on the bus (it came at 9:45) and we were home by 12:15. What a weekend.

Convention was great but exhausting! I do think it will be easier when our kids are older. I am glad we went, and we will continue to go... Enjoy the pics to come.

Love these pics

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Brooks was playing with Ben's tiger before their puppet show.

Ashby was a sweetheart and entertained Brooks during the Sr. High puppet performance.

I love Ashby's face in this picture. He was sure interested in her bow!
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In case you haven't been to L2L, you spend about half your time waiting on an elevator. But, the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever! So, here we are, waiting again.

Mr. Exum wanted me to take a picture of himself with Kate (I'm not really sure why, but I said why not...). She didn't care much for it but was a good sport about it. She was way more interested in the sucker she was holding.

This was the first elevator ride. Kate looks terrified, but she wasn't. It was just a bad picture of her!
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This horse and carriage was outside the hotel. I feel sorry for the horses to walk on pavement all day. How hard that must be on their feet! Scott said I was probably the only person that thought about that... We were also beside Agatha's Murder Dinner Theatre - our youth minister took us there for our Senior gifts. That was the most fun!

Can you say "Cheesy Grin"?

Kate and Shelby at supper Saturday night

Kate was getting into the applause during the awards Sat night. Scott would lift her up so that she could see, and then she began raising her hands and cheering anytime we all did. She was really enjoying herself!
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Here we are buying some sanity with a few free suckers. This was late Saturday afternoon, after Scott has helped judge the Bible Bowl competition. Both the kids were so tired, but we found some happiness in some fruity suckers.

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Faces of Brooks

I love his smile on this one!

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lads to Leaders Convention

We just got back from a fun, yet exhausting weekend, at L2L in Atlanta. I have some really cute pictures and great stories to share, LATER! Scott and I are going to catch up on some sleep before church tonight. Our kids did great, winning MANY awards! More later!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Prayer request

My dear college friend, Angie, lost her Dad yesterday after a 10 year fight with brain cancer. The family is doing well, but I know that they would appreciate your prayers. I'm sure she would appreciate a note on her blog, as well (no mushiness, mind you!). They are relieved that he is so much better off in Heaven than he has been here on earth, but they miss him all the same.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New breed of dog

(for those who don't know, this IS NOT MY dog)

Ever heard of a "pug-cupine"?
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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Did anyone besides me realize it was 87 degrees here yesterday?

Thursday, March 13, 2008


For those local bloggers of mine:

Would anyone be interested in starting up a book club? You know, something where we could schedule books to read and then meet once a month (or so) either at a restaurant or a home to discuss the book? I have always wanted to do something like this but just haven't!

Let me know if you are interested. Based on the interest, we can go from there...

Tops to the Thin Mints!

What a fun poll! Thanks for voting. Now for all those who voted for TM, you are getting your own box!!!! Just kidding!!!!

Some funny things that happened at work today:

1. A client told me today that since his dog was mostly indoor and only went out on a leash, she didn't need to be on heartworm prevention. And, since he was moving to Baha, Mexico in May - and there are "no mosquitoes in Mexico" - she should be fine. Well, that was news to me. Did YOU know there were no mosquitoes in Mexico? I sure wish I could be there when he lights that first citronella candle while spraying his newly purchased can of Off spray.

2. Another client came in today to get his dog's drains removed (dog was in a dog fight earlier in the week). While taking them out (harmless and painless) he acted like the dog was whispering to him. Then he told me that the dog asked if I would tie the drains in a knot before throwing them away. So (while working) I asked him to ask the dog why (I was playing along) and the dog then replied (to the owner, of course) that he wanted to be able to tell his friends that he had his "tubes tied" while he was at the clinic. It was the end of the day so naturally I thought it was hilarious.

3. A really good friend of Dr. Brooks left his dogs at the clinic while he went to Calloway Gardens. We decided to make him laugh - we got both the Yorkies out and put gaudy red ribbons with a top knot. Then we left a sheet of paper on the cage that read "My Dad went to Calloway Gardens and all we got were the tacky bows". It really was funny.

And, on a side note, my Mom is leaving tomorrow for a sisters weekend at the beach. I hope they have a fantastic time!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So, I have had no invitations to assemble lately, and I needed to get some crafting done!

I found this idea on jennwa's blog and wanted to try it. I think it turned out quite cute. All you do is make your child's handprint and use the adhesive reinforcers for paper to make the wool. I added the tails and ears by cutting the circles in half and fastening them together in an oval shape. Jennwa used google eyes, but I didn't have any, so I just painted mine.

I am sending these out to our parents and my grandparents. If you see this ahead of time - SUPRISE - you got a sneak peak! I liked the idea so much that I am doing a plate for myself. I got the kid's handprints made on it last week. Now I just need to make time to go and decorate it. Talk about excited! :o) I will post a picture when it is finished...
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I'm IT!

I tagged myself as well, because I have been thinking of my answers as I've read others:

What was I doing 10 years ago? Scott and I were newlyweds and I was in the middle of my freshman year in Vet School at Auburn.

5 things on my to do list today? Laundry (I always do that on Tuesday), make some cute Easter cards (probably won't happen today), spoil Brooks (who still isn't feeling good, and will most likely trump my other things to do)

Snacks I enjoy: recently it's chocolate anything.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Travel the world, give to the church (I'm too skeptical of most charities), BUT, I would donate to my dog's pictures for the Humane Society calendar contest at our local mall so that he would make the cover, give back to my undergrad and CVM.

3 of my bad habits:

a) I always want to interject a conversation with something that happened to me of the same relevance. For instance, if someone was telling me about their new outfit, I offer a story about my new outfit. Most people don't care about mine, just about telling me about theirs.

b) I constantly fidget with my fingers and fingernails.

c) I over analyze everything, especially conversations and ways people treat me. Not a good habit at all.

5 places I have lived: 1. Charleston, SC (where I was born) 2. Jacksonville, FL (until I was 2) 3. Macon, GA 4. Dorms in undergrad 5. Auburn, AL

5 jobs I have had: (I'm REALLY boring here) 1. Veterinary technician 2. Barn manager 3. Student 4. Veterinarian 5. Mother

Monday, March 10, 2008

"Mama, Brooks is runnin' a feber"

Well, our little boy is running a fever today. He is one pitiful baby! But, he is our "good when he is sick" child - and if he wakes me up during the night, I'll be surprised. I'm glad this didn't happen yesterday! I hope it is just a fever virus... guess we'll wait and see...

I had a great day at work today. I seemed to learn alot today - a great review of several things I hadn't thought about in a long time! I also attended a Leptospirosis lecture last Thursday that was excellent. I know, what a nerd. But, it WAS interesting!

Scott had a better day at work today, except for running over someone's dog! It wasn't his fault; he said that the dog had been chasing the truck for 4 blocks. He even took it to the house where he thought it lived. How unfortunate that the UPS driver, whose wife is a veterinarian, killed someone's dog... But, like the owner said, they didn't keep it up, and they knew that this might happen. Scott said it was a cute little black dog :(....

Here are some pictures that I couldn't get to post last night. I think that Blogger went into overload with me, Allison and Melissa's pics from the Easter egg hunt! HA!
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kate's pictures (take 2)

I had already posted these but for some reason they aren't pulling up. So, we try again!

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Easter photos

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Easter Egg Hunt 2008

Kate and Mattie

Before the hunt!! (all smiles!!)

Family picture (can you believe the way Scott is holding Kate???)

Well, despite the cold weather and the rain, we had a fabulous picnic at the church building and egg hunt afterwards! Kate was especially excited this year, and Brooks even got into it, too. I have to say that I L-O-V-E my new camera, because these great pictures wouldn't have been possible without it!

Kate did win a prize for the most eggs for the 4 and under group (WTG Kate!) with 32 eggs. Yes, we will be finding and throwing away eggs probably until Labor Day. But, they are the plastic ones... Brooks was especially cute in his Easter outfit. And, I thought that I couldn't get the same "cute" pictures that I did with my daughter... He is adorable! :)
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