Sunday, May 31, 2009

At least I didn't cut the entire end of my thumb off.

I did the unthinkable last night while cooking Sunday lunch.

While chopping up onions I "chopped" the end of my thumb. Got about 1/2 the nail and went about 1/4 inch deep. Boy, did it hurt! It was bleeding profusely. I told Scott that I knew that I needed to go to the clinic and glue it together. So, I called Dr. B to see if she could make it over to help me - well, she was in B'ham this weekend!

So, Jessica agreed to help me out. After getting there, my thumb was still bleeding. I knew that I couldn't glue the cut while it was bleeding, so I decided that I should head on to the emergency room. Ugh. Pri-med closes at 6pm on Sat/Sun.

Wonderful to say that the hospital in Elmore Co is fantastic! I got to the emergency room and there was no one there! The ended up gluing it (it had finally stopped bleeding at that point). At least I got home by 9pm. Still had to finish up lunch (I had most of it done)...

I promise, I am getting pictures up (not of the thumb!) of all the work we have been doing inside. I had taken a pregnant pause on the house decorating - well, I am back to working again. I plan on tackling Brooks' room on Tuesday. This week I am working on Friday, too, so that limits what I can get done house wise.

Scott's poison ivy is almost cleared up. I am so glad that I am not allergic to that stuff.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday funnies

Well, after a drought of funny client stories, we have had a run lately:

1. I was talking to a client today and instructing him on medications for his dog. The was giving 1 pill once a day, and I wanted him to start giving his dog 1 pill every other day. So, his reply: "OK, so that means every 2-3 days?". Um, no. Every-other-day. "Oh! You mean every 4 days?". No. EVERY OTHER DAY. As in: Give 1 pill on Wednesday, then 1 pill on Friday, then 1 pill on Sunday... and so on. Sheesh.

2. 2 of my technicians were wounded today. One was by a cat that screamed like a woman having her arm cut off. The other one got on the lid opening a Vienna sausage can.

Busy day. We got many projects finished around the house this weekend. Including finally getting our french doors ordered. And, a grill! Haven't had a grill in over 4 years. I'll update with pictures when I get the house more straightened up... :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm an official blog slacker.

This week has been so much better than last week! The kids are feeling back to their regular selves... and we are so glad! Kate is adjusting to no more naps. So am I! Brooks is still my regular sleeper. His 2 year molars on the lower half are half way erupted. His mouth is feeling much better!

We are working on Kate's bed that we bought on our adventure last summer. Dad is coming over today because I need some help to stabilize it better. I guess this rainy weekend is going to be perfect to get another indoor project finished.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun day

So, today was a great day at work. Here are some funny things said by some clients today:

1. A lady was asking Dr. Brooks what kind of dog food she should feed her dogs. She knew that she shouldn't feed her dog cheap food "like Ol' Roy", but was Ol' Roy really that bad?, because it's not really that cheap?

2. Another guy came in to buy some flea medicine for his girlfriend's dog. He loves the "pansy" thing and it just broke his heart to see it scratching all the time. Poor dog has to be bathed weekly, and there are just fleas everywhere when it gets bathed. BUT, there aren't any fleas in the house. THEY ARE ALL ON THE DOG. There can't POSSIBLY be any other fleas, because the only place he sees them is on the dog. I had a fun time breaking the news to him.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thank goodness kids don't remember until they are 5...

This weekend has been, in one word, difficult.

I always have high hopes for the weekends. It is the time to get so many projects done (which never seem to get done), catch up on Daddy time (both me and the kids). It is a Sunday of worship to spend with family.

Well, this weekend was none of that. Well, except for the project thing - I hope that we have gotten the roof to stop leaking at one spot. Actually, Scott and Jimmy climbed up there while I was asleep so I haven't heard the report. Anyways, other than that, it wasn't a shining one.

Both the kids have been sick all last week. Both have been on antibiotics all last week. Scott worked at night last week. I feel like I'm getting a cold, and not, at the same time - do you know what that feels like? The kids and I have taken advantage of sleeping all afternoon with the rain, which I hope will put some smiles on their faces when they get up.

I guess that when weekends don't go well, it is a total letdown. I also think that the combination of everyone not feeling good (that is, except Scott) has caused us to butt heads all weekend. This was one of those weekends that you feel like "any other Mother would have done it better than you".

I am so thankful for my children's time with short term memories. I feel like I have 4 years with each one to mess up, make mistakes, do things wrong... before they start remembering those hard days... Not that I will have it all together when they turn 5. I will never have it all together.

So, I am thankful today that this weekend is almost over. I only hope that next week will be better, with a return to our schedule. Scott is driving, the kids should be feeling better, and I hopefully won't be feeling worse.

Sorry there are no pictures to post. Trust me, you wouldn't have wanted to see them! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

We spent an nontraditional luncheon at Arby's after church on Sunday. There was no one there - because everyone was out "fine dining". We decided to make our fine dining for that evening after church and took a trip to Red Lobster. Kate loved the restaurant. Brooks, however, wasn't as thrilled. No surprise. Here are some pictures from our night.

Here is our 3rd "family" portrait. The first was just after Kate was born. The second was after Brooks was born, but the day before Marley was born. Here is the third, with hopefully... no more children! :)

The Hunts

Leah and her kids (mine weren't cooperating at this point...)
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

8 years ago tonight

It is so hard to believe that so many years have passed since our graduation from AUCVM. 8 years! I remember that night like it was yesterday. How excited we all were. Our preceptorship had lasted for 2 months, and it felt like a little reunion. After all, we had spent most of our time together for the past 4 years.

So much has changed.

Many are married.
Some are divorced.
Children are plentiful.
One of our classmates has already died.
Some are specialists!
Some are like me, a full time Mom and part time doctor.

I miss these guys so much!

Me, Robin and Candy

Candy, Jason and Me

Me and Scott at the Vet School

Anatomy lab partners
Rennie, Candy, Me and Robin
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday pictures

What a rare treat! This morning on the way out the door, both of the kids asked if I would take their pictures!

What? Can I hear that again? Because usually what I hear is, "But Mama, I don't want to take pictures today..." {insert whining here}

So, here are some of the better ones. I really didn't get that great picture that I just love, but the ones of the hugs come pretty close.

To catch you up on last week: Scott worked in the building at night, so our schedule was quite topsy-turvy. It turned out to be a very good week for him, and a nice change of pace. The clinic, however, was CRAZY all week, and I was exhausted. I worked Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. What was up with last week? Anyways, I found very little time to get online. But, I did a little catch up this weekend. :)

So.... I am thinking that I may just dress them up again and try to get some more fun pictures.... or I could be just pressing my luck...
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

What Kate has been up to these days...

Here is our first try at scissors. Without permission, I should say. When I saw this, my first words were, "You didn't cut your hair, did you?!" But she hadn't. She cut her horse, Kashi's, mane. It looks terrible now. I guess every child eventually cuts something with the scissors...

Poor Kashi.

This picture was of Kate after Scott told her to go get her panties and put them on. Do we need so specify?

Some friends of ours live on a dirt road. The other day Kate said she was glad we didn't live on a "dirty" road - our road was "clean".

The other day I told her that she needed to rest her eyes. She said she didn't because her eyes weren't tired.

On the "tail end" - here is my new plate. I just love it. These tags are available for purchase through the State of Alabama. A friend and colleague designed it. I just love it! :)
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