Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kate's pictures

Brooks has been so much better lately about posing. But, I got a chance to get Kate posing while we waited to help host Kiera's shower on Sunday. I wasn't happy at first with these pictures, but they looked better after I played with the editing a bit. My friend Brittney told me about a book on PS Elements that really helps you get your editing fine tuned - I need that book! :) Anyways, enjoy the pictures.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

There's more below

I just placed some pics on the previous pic, but here is another from today. This boy has my heart!

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Look at this sweet boy

Brooks has been such the poser that Kate isn't these days. I won't even show you the picture of her where she "said she was smiling"... anyways. This boy is my heart.

Here is a funny from church: He came to church with 2 different shoes on. I didn't know it. His teacher asked me if I knew that he was wearing them (um... no) and she was laughing when she asked him why he wore 2 different shoes, to which he replied:

"Because I am crazy"

Dad said that he is Scott's son. :)
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day 22011

Kate wanted to make her own Valentines this year. I liked that idea! She designed her cards, and I helped her as she needed it. Here is how it started:

Then, she decided to embelish it more. On the girls cards, we put polka dot glue around the heart, and a flower glued on the bottom of the heart.

For the boys, she decided to glue the flowers all around the heart.

She was really proud of these!
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Kate turns 6

I totally scored with this find at our consignment sale - Pottery Barn quilt and shams for $40.00! I love PB but rarely buy at retail because it is so expensive! But, I loved this quilt the moment I saw it. I love butterflies.

I got to thinking - butterflies are so beautiful and you have to take advantage of seeing them when you can. Sort of like raising children. They grow up so fast! Where has the time gone. We had a precious new baby girl 6 years ago, and today we have a beautiful young lady that is wonderful in every way. I am so proud of her, and I'm so proud to call her my daughter!

So, I got this pillow last year for (I think) $2 at the consignment sale. PB also.

No bed is complete without the shams draped over the headboard, right? :)

Posing before school. She is so grown up - and man does she look like me in this picture or what? Recognize the bow, Ms. Donna?
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