Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yeah for Kate!

Kate took (well, almost) her first real poop in the potty today! Scott and I were so excited and danced and made the biggest deal of this one! I have started spanking her for going in her panties, and that has only gone on for 3 days (at 1 poop a day). So, if this trend continues, how happy I will be!!! One can only hope!

Today's poop conversation:

Mama: "Kate, what will happen if you poop in your panties?"
Kate: (looking up at the ceiling, saying nothing)
M: "Kate, what will happen if you poop in your panties?"
K: (looking around) "I no poop in the panties"
M: "Yes, but what will happen if you poop in your panties?"
K: (still looking around) "I no poop in the panties"
M: "If you poop in your panties, you will get a spanking, right?"
K: (now looking at me - I have her attention) "Kate no spanking"
M: "And, if you poop in the potty, what will happen?"
K: "I no poop in the panties"
M: "But, what will happen if you poop in the potty?"
K: (looking around again)
M: "You will get a pumpkin! Maybe even 2!" (I'm desperate)
K: "And, 2 stickers too, Mama?!"
M: (Thinking, yes, honey, all the stickers you want!)

We stopped at McDonald's coming home yesterday, and I took Kate to the potty with me. I went first, and she was excited that Mama had to potty too. After I finished did I realize that there was no toilet paper our stall. So, I asked Kate to go to the next stall and get me some. She finally did, after some coaxing. She brought back a piece about 12 inches long. Wow. Not enough for me, though. I asked her to bring some more. She then brought back a piece about 3 inches long. On the third attempt, she brought back a thumb sized piece.

I was then rescued by another customer coming in the bathroom who provided me with an ample showing of toilet paper.

I thought about Noah sending out the raven and dove, as I sat wondering just how much toilet paper Kate would bring back this time.


Rebecca said...

Brooks is learning to wipe himself after he goes to the bathroom. He started by tearing off one square! I would say that is not enough, and then he would get maybe two squares:)
I am glad y'all had a great trip and your pictures are great!

Angie said...

I am so glad you have made some progress with Kate & poop in the potty. Good job Kate! Karen sends her best wishes on potty training a 2.5 year old. She said that age is really hard - she has been there (twice).

Leah said...

Good Job(no pun intended) Kate!! The TP story is too funny! Glad you guys are back!

Ashley Long said...

Next time you need to have Kyle bring you tissue. He has the opposite problem... he will unroll the whole thing and give it to you. Good for Kate for catching on to poop in the potty. She will get there. And I certainly understand the poop in the underwear thing...I got to the point where I threw away a pair of Kyle's just cause it was soooo gross...He got the point though.