Thursday, November 29, 2007


This week I am working on our Christmas decorations. It has taken a while this time, but things are coming together nicely. I am ALMOST finished with our tree in the living room. I am really excited about it this year - I am very meticulous with decorating the tree. But, since several happenings will be at Auburn Hill Drive this year, I want it to look extra special!

I guess, after that, we don't have any new news to share. Scott is in full swing at UPS. He says he is the real "Santa Clause". The kids are great, happy AND well! We are really looking forward to all the Christmas festivities planned for the coming weeks.

When the tree is finished, I will post some pics. Until then....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Melissa, do you remember this?

I have had this for years, and still hang it my tree! And, now (finally) I can show you that I am still a sentimental person... HA! It is dated 1986. I think this was the last Christmas before you moved to FL, is that right? Anyway, when I see it, fond memories always flood my mind...
****Collecting rocks
****Walking to your house (like anyone could do that now)
****Spending the night at your Grandparents (Clarks) and cooking pudding and making place mats and NOT going to sleep
****The cuckoo clock and piano in your parent's living room
****Do you remember seeing those huge rats in the water ditch?
****Brad Smith
****Sherman Menchew
****Hitting the boys with our purses after church
****The impossibly steep driveway at your house
****Your Mom's Chevy Blazer (you guys were the trailblazers)
****Alex, the huge black lab
****Getting the Disney Channel with the plastic stick made from the milk jug (I remember your Dad showing my Dad how to do that)
****Brian throwing the box of candy at Casey's feet that Valentines Day
Thanks for being my first real best friend. I'm so glad to be able to keep up with you now!

My sweet daughter

2 funny Kate things:

1. Aunt Casey and Sophia brought several toys for Brooks to play with. Well, Kate (of course) loves them too. Last night, she started playing a toy piano (just 4 keys, mind you) and wanted me to play too. I started singing the color with the tone of the key... "Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange!" Then, Kate starts asking, "Sing it again, Mama! Sing it again!" So, I start singing the color song, and she starts jumping (her version of dancing) down the hall....

2. This past weekend, while folding laundry, Kate came over to me (just before bed), and said so sweetly, "Mama, you are my best friend". I just don't know of anything else that could have melted my heart more.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

My sweet husband

After a hectic few days, Scott spent yesterday afternoon at Mark and Leah's watching the GA/GT game (go Dawgs!). I ended up not going because the kids were spent and desperate for a long nap yesterday. Last night we ended up not doing much and the house was a disaster.

Today, Scott repaid Mark for prison ministry, so I had the kids all afternoon. Now, you would have to know us to know this - Sunday afternoons are made for sleeping and NOTHING ELSE. But, after getting the kids down for their naps, I decided to clean the house instead (no nap for me). I got a lot done, and was pleased it when we left for church tonight.

Scott met us there after church (yes, it takes all afternoon). On our way home, he asked what I did this afternoon. I replied (smiling), "I did get to eat 2 grapefruit (the TRUTH)". He just smiled. Taking the bait, I asked him if he was still going to Walmart tonight. "No" he said, "I will my time would be better spend helping you clean up the house for tomorrow." Then, a bit later, he asked me (smiling), "So, how long did you sleep for today?". I answered, "Well, I don't really know.." He just laughed, smiled broadly, and said, "I just love you..." And he really meant it.

All was forgotten when we got home. I took Brooks and Kate inside while he was unloading the car. After I got the kids changed for bed, we came back to the living room, and boy was he suprised at our clean house!

A few minutes later, he asked my why I was smiling at him in the car tonight. I told him that most husbands (and wives, even me...) would probably have started fussing and complaining that I had all afternoon to at least get started on the house, and all I did was take a nap and eat grapefruit. Yet, his response to me was he loved me (and, no he wasn't kidding... and wasn't mad, either!).

Sometimes I forget that I do have the sweetest husband in the world, Scott. And, boy do I love you!

Happy Thanksgiving 2007

Finally, some pictures to show. We had such a great time this weekend. It always goes by so quickly! This year, we had Thanksgiving back at my Grandparents house - and I was so glad! It was VERY crowded, but it was so good to have us all together there. I will trade cramped anyday for the memories of that house.

We are settled in, tired, and ready to start another week.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Is anyone else having trouble posting pictures besides me?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Prayer request

Some friends from church, Charlie and Julie, are in B'ham with their son, Cooper. He was having trouble breathing, so Julie took him to her pediatrician, which sent them to Baptist South, which had Cooper sent by helicopter to Children's Hospital. He seems to be doing better, and will possibly go home today. Please pray for them. Cooper is 11 months old.

We have so much to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Well, that can't be good...."

Has it been a week since posting? Yikes!

To catch you up:

I did work 3 days last week at the clinic. Dr. Brooks took a well deserved long weekend to Gulf Shores. It wasn't all that bad (busy/overwhelming, that is), but it still whipped me a bit. Then, some friends came over and ate with us Sat night, we took our adopted student out for lunch on Sunday AM, and went to BK with Mark and Leah Sunday night.

Then, it was back to the old grind on Monday with work.

We are all doing fine. I however, have been struggling with oral ulcers for the last month. It seems that as soon as one heals, another starts. This past weekend, I had 3 of them. This time, they were on both sides of my mouth, so it has made it so hard to eat. I believe that's another reason I got whipped this weekend. But, they are feeling better today, thank goodness! In fact, I ate a HUGE BBQ sandwich for lunch and enjoyed every second of it. My ulcers hurt a little, but I could eat reasonably comfortably.

Today, I took the kids into work (YIKES!) to help Dr. Brooks out this morning. She has lithotrophy done on her heels (for heel spurs) yesterday. We all weren't sure how she was going to feel, but she said her feet felt pretty good. I had also taken a sweet little poodle home last night - she came in hit by a car last night about 5pm - and belongs to the sweetest older gentleman you will ever meet. She was seizing on arrival, and I ended up having to sedate her to get her to stop. She did very well last night and I had to bring her back to the clinic anyway. The kids were great - Kate played with the pill vials (which is what she usually does) and the girls took turns holding Brooks (he actually gets quite heavy the longer you hold him) while I did a few surgeries and saw a few rooms.

So, this afternoon I took one of our techs, Jessica, to my orthodontist in B'ham. She made an appt for a consultation about braces. I was thrilled that she wanted to see him, and when she asked if I wanted to go, of course I said yes! So, here we go (again) with children in tow (YIKES again). Dr. Boggan came over and gave me a big hug when he saw us in the waiting room. And, much to my amusement (and his, too, I'm sure) I immediately "confessed" that I still had 7 aligners to use to complete my treatment... After a sweet reprimand, I agreed to go back to wearing them again! I really needed to, anyway. I think after Thanksgiving... I think... HA!

I'm so glad I got to go with Jessica. She is such a good girl, and really reminds me of myself at that age. She is a very dedicated student and is so ready to go to vet school! We agreed that we should plan our appts together so that we can ride together to B'ham to see Dr. Boggan.

Tomorrow I will spend the day cooking my portion of Thanksgiving dinner. We are going to my Grandparents' house as is our tradition, and I just love it. My favorite part is the GRAPEFRUIT that Aunt Pat brings from FL. Yet, another reason to get rid of these ulcers! ARGH!

OH.... lest I forget....

Brooks accidentally set off the fire alarms during the sermon at church Sunday AM. I actually heard our minister Randy say (in midst of his sermon), "Well, that can't be good..." It was quite harmless, I was quite embarrassed, and all I could think of was one day saying...... "Do you remember that Sunday that Brooks set off the fire alarms at church?"

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Even the cow was smiling"

I was (again) wasting some time this morning (it's almost scary at how good I am at doing this). Most of my friends know that I have wanted to be a veterinarian for most of my life. In high school I read James Herriot's novels of being a country veterinarian in England. His stories are an endearing portrait of a veterinarian's daily life.

This is an excerpt of one of my FAVORITE stories in All Creatures Great and Small, and something that frequented my mind during clinics in school.

"They didn't say anything about this in the books, I thought, as the snow blew in through the gaping doorway and settled on my naked back.

I lay face down on the cobbled floor in a pool of nameless muck, my arm deep inside the straining cow, my feet scabbing for a toe hold between the stones. I was stripped to the waist and the snow mingled with the dirt and the dried blood on my body. I could see nothing outside the circle of flickering light thrown by the smoky oil lamp which the farmer held over me.

No, there wasn't a word in the books about searching for your ropes and instruments in the shadows; about trying to keep clean in a half bucket of tepid water; about the cobbles digging into your chest. Nor about the slow numbing of the arms, the creeping paralysis of the muscles as the fingers tried to work against the cow's powerful expulsive efforts.

There was no mention anywhere of the gradual exhaustion, the feeling of futility and the little far-off voice of panic.

My mind went back to that picture in the obstetrics book. A cow standing in the middle of a gleaming floor while a sleek veterinary surgeon in a spotless parturition overall inserted his arm to a polite distance. He was relaxed and smiling, the farmer and his helpers were smiling, even the cow was smiling. There was no dirt or blood or sweat anywhere."

It is humbling to know that your very thoughts have been shared by greats of your profession.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Playing around with stitch

So, this morning I am on the computer playing with pictures (like I so have time to be doing this). But, I got a picture of my cats stitched together from last year. It was so funny seeing them together on the bed like this. I'm so glad I got this. It's still hard to believe that Jack and Shasta are gone.

Monday, November 12, 2007

And, how could I forget?!?!

My sweet little boy can...


No more laughing at my baby for having other 6 month olds showing him up! :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Well, our time in Gatlinburg was so special this year! Here's the rundown:

We got there last Friday. The kids did amazingly well on the ride up there! Kate had run a slight fever last Wednesday night, and was coughing some. Brooks was starting with a runny nose. And, they were wonderful. We were amazed.

We did so much shopping! I know, I know, why do you go to the mountains and spend so much time shopping? Well, mostly because I don't get to. I don't like to shop alone, and with Angie, Mom and Scott there, I had so much fun! Plus, I did have a few things on my list to get while we were there.

I bought several books while we were there. I wanted to read the book "My Father's Secret War" by Lucinda Franks. It is the latest book on NPR that Dick Estell is reading. I have enjoyed listening to it, but don't get to hear it every day. It is really good (I'm only halfway through because it has gotten slow). I hope to finish it soon. I also got Little Women. Haven't read that since high school and thought I'd give it a real read this time!

We went swimming on Monday in the heated pool outside. It was wonderful. Kate is SO into "swimming" these days - she would be a fish if she could. It was 72 degrees that day... the rest of the week the highs were in the lower 50's.

We visited a beautiful old cemetery in Gatlinburg that we go to when we are there. The leaves are so pretty. It was very humbling to see so many babies buried there. One family lost every baby born for 5 years in a row. Each lived a day or less. How heartbreaking that must have been for that family. They were such poor people in those days (early 1910's). Check out the pic of the headstones - I was able to get all in one shot.

Chris and Angie came up on Sunday and stayed until Wednesday. We really enjoyed getting to spend time with them! Getting ready Sunday AM for church felt just like it did in the dorm - minus "Primetime"!

Mom was great and cooked all week. We only ate out once, and that was great. It is so much easier to eat at home with the kids being so little. The food was great - cube steak, mac/cheese, mashed potatoes, vegetable soup, baked ham - and incredible biscuits! Thanks for working so hard, Mom. Oh, and can I forget - Paul's Brownies! They are wonderful!

I also had some funny quotes from the week that I thought I'd share:

"Peace out, cracker" (yes, Scott taught that to Kate)
"Where's Miss Angie and Uncle Tim?" (she was just a little confused)
"Going to go back to the Mountains" (aka- going back to the condo)
"That man was Mister Magoo that got burned in a toaster" (you had to be there for that one)

OK - so this post is way to long! Sorry!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yeah for Kate!

Kate took (well, almost) her first real poop in the potty today! Scott and I were so excited and danced and made the biggest deal of this one! I have started spanking her for going in her panties, and that has only gone on for 3 days (at 1 poop a day). So, if this trend continues, how happy I will be!!! One can only hope!

Today's poop conversation:

Mama: "Kate, what will happen if you poop in your panties?"
Kate: (looking up at the ceiling, saying nothing)
M: "Kate, what will happen if you poop in your panties?"
K: (looking around) "I no poop in the panties"
M: "Yes, but what will happen if you poop in your panties?"
K: (still looking around) "I no poop in the panties"
M: "If you poop in your panties, you will get a spanking, right?"
K: (now looking at me - I have her attention) "Kate no spanking"
M: "And, if you poop in the potty, what will happen?"
K: "I no poop in the panties"
M: "But, what will happen if you poop in the potty?"
K: (looking around again)
M: "You will get a pumpkin! Maybe even 2!" (I'm desperate)
K: "And, 2 stickers too, Mama?!"
M: (Thinking, yes, honey, all the stickers you want!)

We stopped at McDonald's coming home yesterday, and I took Kate to the potty with me. I went first, and she was excited that Mama had to potty too. After I finished did I realize that there was no toilet paper our stall. So, I asked Kate to go to the next stall and get me some. She finally did, after some coaxing. She brought back a piece about 12 inches long. Wow. Not enough for me, though. I asked her to bring some more. She then brought back a piece about 3 inches long. On the third attempt, she brought back a thumb sized piece.

I was then rescued by another customer coming in the bathroom who provided me with an ample showing of toilet paper.

I thought about Noah sending out the raven and dove, as I sat wondering just how much toilet paper Kate would bring back this time.

We're home...

We got back late last night, and just let me say, we have the most wonderful kids in the world. The trip, both up there and back, was just wonderful. Very little crying, and mostly laughing! It made our trip even better!

I am coming with more posts and PICTURES, hopefully today!

I loved the sign in! I check on each of your blogs every day! We love you all and can't wait to share some mountain stories!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

We're here!

So,we are here in the mountains! The kids did great on the trip up here. Thank goodness!

While we are here, I thought it would be neat to have my blog readers just "sign in" with me... Leave a comment so I will know who is blogging us! :)

I really appreciate all the regular readers. This is way better than checking e-mails!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Gatlinburg, here we come!

We are going to be in Gatlinburg this coming week, so I may not get to post as much as I like. If I find I have access to a PC while there I will fill you all in on how our trip is going.

Pray for our sanity - the DVD player for the car that we were going to borrow wasn't working, so we are going at it alone. I don't know which would be more fun - listening to Elmo for 6 or so hours, or listening to fussing for 6 or so hours... :) Who am I kidding? I can't wait! I look forward to this trip all year!