Friday, August 31, 2007

Papa and the great-grands

We so enjoyed Papa coming to visit this week. I had some better pictures of Papa with Kate and Brooks on Mom's camera, but just didn't get them downloaded onto the computer. The kids stayed at Mom and Dad's on Monday while I worked, and Papa played with them (mostly Brooks) all day. Before church on Wed, Papa fed Brooks and it was hilarious! Brooks had baby food all over his face.

Mischa Moore (I KNOW I didn't spell your name correctly!) came by the clinic to say hi yesterday - I'm so glad you did! We went to Faulkner together, and she is married to Dave Moore. They have the 2 cutest little boys you have ever seen. Come to find out, they are next door neighbors of Dr. Brooks! Mischa is homeschooling her oldest (he's 5) - I know she'll do great with him. She said, it's just keeping the 2 year old occupied!

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