Friday, August 10, 2007

The clinic

Today was Dr. Brooks' birthday, so I brought a cake for her. Since this was special, I also brought my camera, and took several pictures of the girls for you to see. The first one is of Kimber and Blake. Second is of Dr. Brooks and Jessica. Juli is next. I didn't get Elizabeth's picture today...

The cat in the pictures is Phabio (pronounced Fabio). He had an abscess on his back, but we were more fascinated with his eyes. It must be no fun to be cross eyed all the time.

The dalmation is Topper. He is 10 years old and had 4 herniated discs in his back. He went to the vet school at AU and spent ALOT of money for surgery, but he is walking after only 2 weeks. Fantastic progress! Unfortunately, during his cage confinement, he has hit his tail so often on the cage and crate that it wouldn't stop bleeding, so I amputated part of it off. It's hard to fault a dog that is wagging his tail too much, especially after back surgery. I think he was wagging his tail in this picture! :)

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