Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Before church

I just had to take some pictures before church tonight. I SHOULD take some pictures now, because her hair doesn't look quite this good anymore! :)

Kate is SO excited about her upcoming birthday party! She has talked about it everyday this week. Tonight, I was asking her whom she wanted to invite to her party, and we named a few people, then... I asked if there was anyone else... And, she replied, "Can we invite Kate?"

From ladies class tonight: Lagorrhea - adj. for excessive talking. Don't even ask.
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Look what we got!

Let me show you what Gran Gran sent Kate today! I had bought the ribbon during our visit at Christmas in Mobile, and Gran Gran has made some beautiful bows for Kate. The store I visited had an amazing assortment of ribbon for making bows. We are so excited to wear one of these to church tonight!
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jury Duty!

Well, Scott was chosen and was very excited to serve on his first jury trial. He said he was enthralled the entire time, paying careful attention to the judge and the lawyers. He really took his job seriously - Elmore Co. got their money's worth out of him! Now, tomorrow he'll be back to reality and UPS. There was a time in college that he was pre-law, but as he says, he wasn't the dedicated student I was. He would have been a great lawyer, though!

I shopped at the consignment sale tonight and found some really cute things! I didn't, however, find as much dressy church clothes as I had hoped. The next sale is at the end of the month, and I am working that one, so hopefully I can get my hands on some really good church clothes. Saw several girls from church there tonight, also. I made it there before the rain started, but left with the rain pouring. All the way home, Kate was saying, "Stop, rain. Stop, rain!" I wondered why she was saying that, and I'm quite sure she was wondering why it wasn't listening to her.

Thanks to Nia for watching the kids tonight! Scott got home early, but had a killer headache, so I took them to their house just as we had planned. She said they were really good - I hope it was the truth! HA! You know, there are VERY few people I would trust our kids with. I am so glad that we have the church family we do...

So, I also went to TJMaxx today and got 2 beautiful pictures to go above the fireplace! I was so excited to get them! They are really what I have been looking for, and I just couldn't believe it when I saw them. I felt very fortunate! I'll have to post some pics when I get them hung.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


So, tonight, both of the kids are feeling better (again). I was watching Kate draw rain drops on her Magna Doodle (and you should see the beautiful rain drops she drew), and then she asked me to write letters of the alphabet for her. Then she looked up at me and said:

"Good job, Mr. Truck!" (giggling)

Before I put Brooks to bed, she asked to kiss him goodnight. Then she wanted to give him "big hugs". And, finally, she said that:

"He is my best friend too" (Daddy and I are already her best friends)

At bedtime, she wanted to tell me a secret. She whispered,

"Daddy loves Mama!"

Then I told her a secret...

"Mama loves Daddy!"
"Mama loves Kate!"
"Mama loves Brooks!"

Weekend o' fun

I love this pic of Kate Reed

Our weekend is complete - complete with Brooks still feeling not himself! :( Bless his heart, just when I think he is feeling better, he feels worse again. They have both been on their antibiotics since last Friday, so I am hoping he turns the corner tomorrow. As for Kate, she is right back to her sweet self. She is just the sweetest little thing in the world. She and Megan had such a big time, and she is worn out!

Ok - like Allison H. said, you can become addicted to this stuff! I love the above pictures - especially of Megan running with her shadow on the side. I told Patrice that we could do several photo sessions - and here's what we got! She was pleased. Megan turned into quite the little poser by the end of the time today...

Back to work tomorrow. The consignment sale CCE starts Tuesday night with consignors - I am SO excited! Thanks, Angie, for the pass to get in Tues. night (I didn't consign at this year's sale - I didn't even know it was this week). I am SO excited about getting some spring and summer clothes for the kids. We really do save so much money by doing this.

Oh, yeah, Scott has jury duty tomorrow. He is so excited! He has ALWAYS wanted to do this - and he is finally getting his chance! I have been called once, while I was in vet school. Of the 2 trials - one was a murder trial and the other was a surgical medical malpractice trial. I was passed for both - and was especially thankful to miss the murder trial, because the jurors were sequestered the length of the trial. Yuck. Plus, I am for the death penalty - but it was a chilling thought to have to look at someone and decide that they should die for their crime. I guess that it would depend on the circumstance, evidence, etc. Blah, blah, blah - enough of that! :)
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More pictures

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Pictues, pictures, pictures!

On the table in front of the cafeteria. I just love these pictures - she looks like a little girl!
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sweet cousins

Kate and Megan have had a fun weekend playing together

My sweet niece

Uncle Tim, Aunt Patrice and Megan came down to visit us this weekend. Despite having sick kiddos, we have had such a good time. Kate and Megan have played like frogs, jumping around the house going "Ribbit! Ribbit!"

Today, we went to the Bass Pro Shop - Uncle Tim had never been there. I think he was impressed. I had a good time taking pictures of the kids while we were there. Brooks stayed at home to get some sleep - he at this time is feeling a bit worse than she is. And, our wonderful antibiotics have caused some "loose stools". Gotta love that.

Then Uncle Tim built a HUGE fire that our neighbors would have been proud of, and I think that I was truly warm in our house for the first time since it has gotten colder. Keith Long also came by today and cleaned the carpet in our bedroom from our week of disasters... and for my blog readers, yes, the makeup didn't come up. I guess it will be there until we replace the carpet.
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Telling secrets...

Kate and Megan

Guess what?

Isn't that funny?

Sweet girls
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Friday, January 25, 2008

Yeah, Dr. Simon!

So, I decided to take Brooks and Kate to the dr's office this morning. Kate was getting hoarse, and Brooks' cough was getting a little deeper. We got a 9am appt, and were out of here like a flash! We got back QUICK, and got out QUICK! Brooks has a sinus infection and both of Kate's ears are infected. So, they both got a script for Zithromax. That is the best stuff; my kids respond so quickly to it. We were back home by 10:15am - amazing. Now Kate has had a bath, Brooks is already down for a nap, and I am trying to catch my breath...

Scott is home today - not by choice. Until he is "full time" (I can't even explain), this could potentially happen to him anytime. Luckily for us, this is only the 5th time it's happened in 3 years. He is so close to full time, where things like this can't happen anymore. And, just so you know, when he does go full time, I am throwing him a HUGE celebration party!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One disaster avoided, one disaster created

Kate getting her breathing treatment

Look at this baby

That was the lid he was putting into his mouth (does ColorStay stay on teeth?)

OK - so those of you who don't know, Kate likes to hold her poop for DAYS. Well, this time it had been since Saturday, so she got some Milk of Magnesia this morning (a.k.a. - "chocolate medicine"). Well it finally kicked in.

So, we are in the bathroom, and I have the door shut, because Brooks likes to aggravate her (go figure). He begins to start pulling things out of my bottom drawer. This is typical. I WAS busy, you know.

So - we have success! Kate pooped in the potty! Hurray! We open the door to get some "special treats" - and look what I found. Brooks found the Revlon ColorStay makeup.

When Revlon made this makeup, they weren't kidding. It stays everywhere. Pretty sure it will stay in the carpet. It stayed in the bathtub after the bath (note picture) but I was successful at getting it out. Pretty sure it will stay in the shirt he was wearing - we shall see.
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Sick kiddos

Well, the germs finally caught up with us. Kate is sneezing and blowing and coughing. Brooks is just sneezing (still) but his cough is gone. We started Kate back on the nebulizer last night. She was so funny - it was like her seeing an old friend. She was ready to use it.

They are much better today - but I am going to keep them in tonight, anyway. It is so cold, and I'd rather not get them outside. So, I am grounded for the day.

The good news is, I found some seat foam last night at Walmart, so I am going to start changing out the seat fabric on the kitchen chairs. I have never done this before, but I am excited! After the last chair (5 in all), I'm quite sure that the excitement will have worn off. I'll post some before and afters when I get at least 1 done!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So, it seems that I have created a new land record for the most blogger posts in 1 hour. HA! We have been so busy getting our house ready for Bunco last night. Both Scott and I are worn out! But, the house looked beautiful and we are really proud and excited how it's coming out.
So, now that our Bunco party is over, it's time to start planning Kate's 3rd birthday party. She is very excited about it - she knows there will be balloons, some cake and some presents. This year we are going to invite some kids from her Sunday School class so that she will REALLY have some fun! Of course, I will be making her special cake!
Keep reading - I have many pictures to show - and I was also tagged by Leah!
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Bunco at Auburn Hill Drive

Me and Terri - this was our 3rd year to host together

Our Bunco Group

Rebecca rolling for "most losses"

Beth, Anna Marie and Taryn
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Pre-game festivities

The Breakfast nook

A view of the kitchen from the hallway

Table #4 in Brooks' room

The kid's bathroom - I am so proud of how this one is turning out!
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Scott's pride is finally hung in it's rightful place

Our bedroom with the blues and chocolates

The fireplace with the almost finished mantle (there is more I would like to do)

Our newly placed dining room
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