Thursday, January 17, 2008

Busy, busy, Busby!

Well, my tongue is dragging. Come to think of it, when is it not these days?

Monday was wild at work. We had 9 surgeries, on top of a C-section that came in the doors that morning. Schnauzer with 6 pups. This was my 4th C-section and everyone did great. It took a bit to get the pups going, but they came in for their tail docks yesterday and Dr. Brooks said they were "robust". Makes me smile! :) I can't wait to see them at their 6 week checkups!

Anyway, I have spent the remainder of the week getting our house ready for BUNCO on Monday night. 16 great ladies will converge on Auburn Hill Drive for a night of dinner, chocolate and fun. I am really excited about it. After finishing with this, our next adventure is planning Kate's birthday party. I can't believe she will be 3 years old already.

Brooks has had a slight cough all week. However, it has progressively gotten a bit worse every day. I think I will call Dr. Simon in the morning and see if I need to get him looked at. On a GREAT note, our insurance changed with a new contract for the workers at UPS, and our co-pay is only $10.00 a visit! :) It used to be $20.00. So, that will make it easier to swallow if it is a visit for "nothing"... (you Moms know what I mean)

And, no, Brooks isn't walking yet (at least on his own!) Of course, he'll walk all over the house while holding just one of our fingers. He is so cautious - I hope that means he won't be a dare devil one day! I tried to get a movie on my camera, but my batteries died. Argh. They are rechargeable but are about 3 years old. So, they don't last longer than generic batteries.


angie said...

Oh I hope Brooks is feeling better today - did you have to take him to the doctor.

Kristi said...

No, he hasn't coughed all day! Can you believe that? His lungs were better sounding this morning than last night...

sweeter and the bubbas said...

How fun, six puppies!!

I am sitting here too excited to sleep b/c of the snow coming!!

Amy said...

Luke walked at 17 months, and continues to be very cautious. Do you get tired of people asking you if he's walking yet? I know I did.