Friday, January 25, 2008

Yeah, Dr. Simon!

So, I decided to take Brooks and Kate to the dr's office this morning. Kate was getting hoarse, and Brooks' cough was getting a little deeper. We got a 9am appt, and were out of here like a flash! We got back QUICK, and got out QUICK! Brooks has a sinus infection and both of Kate's ears are infected. So, they both got a script for Zithromax. That is the best stuff; my kids respond so quickly to it. We were back home by 10:15am - amazing. Now Kate has had a bath, Brooks is already down for a nap, and I am trying to catch my breath...

Scott is home today - not by choice. Until he is "full time" (I can't even explain), this could potentially happen to him anytime. Luckily for us, this is only the 5th time it's happened in 3 years. He is so close to full time, where things like this can't happen anymore. And, just so you know, when he does go full time, I am throwing him a HUGE celebration party!

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angie said...

Well it sounds like the Busby's are having a bad Friday all the way around, I am so sorry. I hope your kids feel better soon. Zithromax is a great one, but I can't take it myself. I am allergic to erythromicin which is the main ingredient (its actually in a lot of meds for sinus, ear & upper respiratory infections) but it does work well.