Sunday, January 27, 2008


So, tonight, both of the kids are feeling better (again). I was watching Kate draw rain drops on her Magna Doodle (and you should see the beautiful rain drops she drew), and then she asked me to write letters of the alphabet for her. Then she looked up at me and said:

"Good job, Mr. Truck!" (giggling)

Before I put Brooks to bed, she asked to kiss him goodnight. Then she wanted to give him "big hugs". And, finally, she said that:

"He is my best friend too" (Daddy and I are already her best friends)

At bedtime, she wanted to tell me a secret. She whispered,

"Daddy loves Mama!"

Then I told her a secret...

"Mama loves Daddy!"
"Mama loves Kate!"
"Mama loves Brooks!"


Rebecca said...

That is just too sweet!

Kim said...

I've enjoyed reading your blogs. I've tried to leave comments, but have been having technical difficulties. I read your old blog about the differences between your children - isn't it crazy how two kids from the same parents can be so different!