Friday, May 2, 2008

Pitiful Baby Boy

I think this picture shows it all. If you could see my face, it would look just like this.
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angie said...

Oh my heavens, he is just pitiful. I hope he gets well soon. Please give him a hug & kiss from us.

Collegegirl said...

He looks miserable. Poor Brooks!
Feel better soon!

Kristi said...

Yes, shortly after this picture was taken, I put him to bed. Nothing was making him happy, and he is sleeping well now. I just hope that tomorrow is a better day. Thankfully, my patience has been plentiful and Kate has been wonderful - making a tough day easier.

Sarah said...

That is so pitiful. Poor little punkin! I hope he has a much better day tomorrow. What a sad little face...=-(

Nancy Hood said...

prayers to you! and for you!! we're in need of them at our home also :/ food poisoning. Yuck. Here's hoping our Saturday morning will find both boys better!!