Sunday, May 4, 2008

Daddy's shirt

This is a shirt that Scott wore when he was in the 4th grade in Arizona playing soccer. Kate loves to wear it to sleep in. She calls it "Daddy's shirt"

This is my new favorite picture of Kate!

I have to take a minute and brag on Kate. Brooks has been sick since Thursday (he is a bit better, but we are going back to the doctor in the AM) and she has been such a trooper. Kate has been the most well behaved, doing what I ask, happy and giving hugs girl I have seen in a while. The last few months we have butted heads a bit (does turning 3 have anything to do with that???) but she seems to have finally started to click again.
She has even started giving Brooks hugs, trying to make him laugh so that he will cheer up, asking him to come in the bath with her. This is a huge step for her. I have just enjoyed her so much the last 2 weeks - she has really made the last few days so much easier.
We love you, sweet girl!
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Sarah said...

That really is a sweet picture of Kate! What a happy, smiley little girl!

Kelly said...

Aw. I used to love to sleep in my dad's shirts.

ICURIS said...

she's such a sweet girl. ya'll are doing such a good job with those 2!!!

sweeter and the bubbas said...

A-dorable pics! Kate looks like you in the second one. I can see her acting like a mama and taking care of Brooks. YES, 3 is much harder than 2 in my opinion. :-)