Friday, May 23, 2008

Busby update

The theme of this week has been messy.

Tristan puked all over our house during the night on Monday. I took him to the clinic on Tuesday and ran some bloodwork and all was fine. So, I decided to leave him there for the vomiting to pass.

Meanwhile, Brooks started with diarrhea - from teething. We almost have our 2 upper molars erupted, and he is working on the lower ones. Finally! These molars have really given him so much trouble for WEEKS and WEEKS. Despite bath after bath after bath after bath..... he still got 2 nasty spots of diaper rash on his bum.

Got carpets cleaned on Wednesday.

Got to work yesterday to find Tristan with bloody diarrhea. I decided to bring him home, because the stress of being away from home, I'm sure, started his diarrhea.

This morning I woke up to a sore throat. I sneezed all day yesterday and had thought it must be allergies. No such luck. But, I haven't been sick in a while, so I guess I was due.

On a side note, my Grandaddy is expected to go home today after 10 days in the hospital and having his gallbadder removed. He is a tough 90 year old - ready to get back to his garden of squash and tomatoes. I think that Grandmama is more worn out than he is.


angie said...

So sorry to hear that you are coming down with something too. But that is great news that your Grandaddy is doing so well.

ICURIS said...

sorry you're feeling bad! we're worn out from yesterday!

Nancy Hood said...

bless your hearts! I hope the weekend finds everyone all better at your home!! Carol said to tell all of you hi! Our home sold in 13 days!!

Sarah said...

My goodness. That is not a good kind of busy. That is the messy cleaning, frusterating kind of busy. I am so glad those molars have popped through. Those are the worst aren't they???! Reagan just popped through her 3rd and 4th 2 year molars and I am so THANKFUL it is done for a LONG time. She makes everyone else just as miserable when she is hurting, she isn't an easy teether, so I hope Brooks was maybe a little nicer. Well, maybe you guys will be breezin' through the rest of the summer eh? ((hugs))