Monday, May 19, 2008

Lightning strike

(Here is our screen door on the back porch. That dent was from a piece of wood off the tree that is 20 feet or so away. If it had gone any higher I'm sure that glass would be gone too...)

So, you know of the catastrophe we suffered on May 9th.

For those who haven't heard lightning strike so close to you, it sounds like a cannon. The sound was incredible. At the time, it tripped a breaker, and when Scott fixed it, we figured out the fan motor was fried.

Only to find out the next day that the computer and fridge were fried, too.

I'll save you all the drama of the last week, except living with a college size fridge with 2 small children was fun. Here's what our fridge held for us:

1 gallon of milk
hot dogs

That's about it.

Luckily we had already planned for the kids to go to Scott's parent's house in Mobile that very Sunday, so that gave us a few days to not have to worry about them. They had a fantastic time and Kate is still talking about it. She learned, "Red means stop, Green means go" and "Head, shoulders, knees and toes".

So, we are back and I am about to do some serious blogging check ups! Too funny, Allison - I'm glad that Lent isn't celebrated with us. I'd have to think hard on what I would give up!
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Lerra said...

It is VERY important to have cheese! :-) That really stinks that your computer & fridge were both fried. I'm not sure which I would be more upset over! :-)