Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Scott! (tomorrow)

Happy 37th Birthday to Scott!
Tonight, we celebrated by giving Daddy a cheesecake with candles that said "Happy Birthday Daddy" on it. The kids and I got him a cool tool organizer for his shop (you know, for his shovel and rake and ax and more...). Kate was so excited to sing Happy Birthday, but wanted to sing herself. She whispered the entire song.
Both the kids enjoyed the cake. Brooks especially enjoyed the icing!
We love you, Daddy!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I realized that I haven't posted many pictures lately, and this is a reflection of how busy it has been at our house lately!

Guess what Brooks can do?

He can climb up on the couch.
By himself.
He can climb up on Kate's bed.
By himself.
He can climb up into his car seat.
By himself.
He can climb up on to the church pew.
By himself.

He has been a happier baby for the last few weeks. Oh, but he is stubborn.

Kate is just growing into more a lady every day. She has been making up songs and stories lately. Today, she made up a song about the rain. All I can remember about it was, "Don't be afraid, don't cry, don't be scared...."
It was very cute. Last night I re-hemmed my favorite dress of hers and she wore it today - I need to put a picture of her in it on here. She is a typical little girl going to church in the Deep South. She is adorable!
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Kate's story

"Once upon a time, there were three little Wonder Pets. And they wanted to share the forest, but they didn't want to share the flyboat. 'Tuck, Ming Ming - are you sad that they flyboat is broken?' OK. 'Linny, hey Linny' - she's coming. She's here. And, Tuck is not here, he's working. Ming Ming is here. Tuck has straws and sticks and apple juice. The Wonder Pets fixed the flyboat. The house was broken. The pigs fixed the wonder pets' house. And they locked the door. The end."

So, she has started telling me these stories all day. Surprisingly, this story (now that it's typed) makes far more sense than I thought (although I did omit some - I just can't type that fast!)...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Long day

So I just got in from work. It was a killer day today.

I pinned Roxi's leg today - here is the "veterinary" term diagnosis: Complete mid shaft spiral fracture of the femur with cranial proximal displacement. It took almost 1 1/2 hours, but it came together as well as it could. The major hurdle will be keeping her quiet for the next 4-6 weeks. I'm just glad it is repaired and she can get on with healing.

We are looking forward to the weekend! With Brooks sick last weekend, it was much of a blur.

Other than that, we are status quo (how do you spell that, anyway?). I am feeling much better. Antibiotics are wonderful things!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday update

Well, this time I am sick. I have been fighting a sinus infection for 2 weeks now, and I just kept forgetting to bring home antibiotics from work (I know, you think that is stupid... but I also kept thinking that I would just feel better tomorrow... you know how it is). Now, I am coughing - quite sure it's bronchitis, and coughing up yucky stuff. So, I did bring home a Z-pack yesterday and started it - yeah for me!

I thought it would be fun to update with simple sentences:

I am sick.
Brooks is well.
Kate is happy.
Scott is tired.
Work has been great.
Roxy has a broken leg (not Wishum, neighbor's dog).
Meredith is having surgery (neighbor's daughter).
I am tired.
Swim classes are finished.
I left the water hose on (slightly running over a new tree) from Sunday night until Tuesday.
GA lost their baseball game last night.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Keith Urban - Tu Compania (Live)

OK - so I keep asking people if they have heard this song, and they haven't! Well, here it is!! It has to be one of my favorites all time!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Blogs display

I saw this on Rebecca's blog the other day and I thought it was so cool! But, in order for me to fit all of the blogs that I truly love, unfortunately, I had to delete others that I don't read as often or aren't updated often (don't worry Leah, you still made the cut). Most I still have links to on other blogs (unless you do some blog maintenance, too).


Brooks is feeling better. We are planning on taking him to church tonight. Have I told you about our Sunday School class? We are studying I and II Samuel. We have a great teacher, Randy Bailey, a Bible professor from Faulkner University (also a member of our church). It is such a wonderful class, because he really makes you think about what you are studying, and I just love learning that way! I told Randy that, since we have 2 young children, getting the most from the sermons is difficult. But, in Sunday School, our kids are in their own classes, and I get to really listen.

We DID get to go out on Sat night with Mark and Leah. It was long overdue! We had a great time and laughed a lot - just like we did before we had so many children! I truly miss the closeness that we once had, and I sure hope to do everything I can to make sure that we stay close with this family. They are one of the MANY reasons that we are so happy to be at UCoC. So, we will always have to talk about: Patel, nuts, flirting (and flirting) and more... And, college football season is right around the corner!....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mama, Brooks is runnin' a feber...

Yes, another fever virus. Dr. S did say that Roseola is going around. Brooks hasn't felt all that great the last few days, but is OK considering.

Yesterday, I had a dog come in from the HS with a collar embedded inside it's neck. It's jugular vein was showing and OOZING. That was an interesting case! Dr. A had just stopped by, and she got the dog started in surgery while I finished exam rooms. He is a nice dog but doesn't like other dogs - which will make him difficult to adopt.

Otherwise, it's been fairly boring around here. I am just settling down for a long afternoon nap - a quiet reward on Friday from a long week at work. It has been a much more pleasant week from last. I hope we are going out with Mark and Leah for supper Sat night - that is if the planets can align, baby sitters can be secured, and gas prices don't go any higher (are any of these possible???)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It's been a good week at work so far. My feet are killing me, and I am convinced that it is from walking on the floor at the clinic. But, they are OK today.

Let's see, what have we done this week?
  1. Cat with an abscess that has turned NASTY, in danger of losing much skin and possibly a leg.
  2. Cat with "Biospot toxicity" - a flea product that is OK for dogs but toxic to cats. I haven't seen one in several years.
  3. A tom cat with an obstructed urinary bladder.
  4. I did 11 surgeries in the past 2 days.
  5. We had 2 incredibly aggressive dogs in yesterday, one requiring a catch pole to get her out of the cage, and the other I had to pull through a door to give a rabies shot. It is like working with cattle.

There were many more fun things but these were the best. I'm glad to have the day off so that I can get some errands taken care of. I plan on running around most of the day.

I took the Biospot cat home last night and I can hear him M-E-O-W-I-N-G across the house (he is in the guest bathroom). He is doing great today and I plan on taking him back to the clinic so he can go home and MEOW at his mother's house.

The kids are fine. Kate is looking forward to swim class today. Brooks isn't. It's hardly any fun when you have to sit in the stroller the entire time.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Today's rant: mean girls

*Client knowledge has been updated!* *Client knowledge has been updated!*

Today, after church, we went to BK for lunch. Kate asked to go to the playground, which was fine with us, while we ordered. Then, Brooks and I joined her in the play area while Scott got our food.

I watched Kate as she played. She was the only child out there at the time. Another family of younger kids came in, and another little girl slowly walked towards the play area. Kate asked her if she would like to play on the slide, and she looked at Kate as if she was yesterday's trash and said, "No". Kate didn't think much about it, and just went off and played. I, however, was FURIOUS.

Of course, I was angry because that was MY daughter that child was so RUDE to. But, it also brought back a few memories of others that have been that ugly to me - especially in the years before high school. One in particular happened at church. I guess that doesn't surprise many.

Even thinking on it now aggravates me. How in the world do you teach your child to have the self esteem to not take negative people like that seriously, when they have to have those things happen to develop the self esteem they need? I never want those things to ever happen to our kids. Yet, I know they will.

I don't think I am ready for the junior high years.

I am glad they are some time away.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Random weekend pics...

Yeah, one day I will remember to place my posts backwards to forwards... Anyway, this is like reading the end of a book first, right? Here are some pictures from this weekend - you will read about this 2 more times!!! LOL!

Me and Brooks

Scott's parents

I just LOVE pictures of Scott and Brooks walking...

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Here are the outtakes...

Here are the out takes from our trip this weekend...

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Family reunion!

We attended the Busby family reunion this weekend. It was a fun time, but we are exhaused (and, believe me, that doesn't even cover how tired the kids are!) Here are some pics of the kids from the day.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

My sweet daughter

Last night I got in late from a going away dinner for my dear friend, Terri. I will miss her very much - and so appreciate the friendship we have had these last 3 years!

After getting home, I went to see Kate. She woke up with a smile and said, "Can I have a kiss, Mommy?" Then she asked, "Can I have a hug?" and while giving her one, she then said, "You are my best friend"...

Today, she was "measuring" me with the tape measure - one of her favorite jobs. I asked her what I measured, and she replied, "You are the perfect size!"

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ok, Ladies, who out there has the Calgon, because I need it!

Not too recently, Rebecca blogged about how she was needing her Calgon back. So, Rebecca, if you found it, I need to borrow some for myself...

It has been a killer week at work. I won't go into the boring details, but I will say that I am exhausted! Coming off of an incredibly busy week with VBS last week, I think my body just wasn't ready for this one.

Here is a recap of the disasters from today:

1. Our children fight constantly! If they are together (in the same room, both on the floor), there will be hitting, biting and hollering. (yes, Louise, it's true)

2. I finally quit counting the spankings that Brooks got this morning. He is my stubborn child.

3. I made pancakes for them (yeah Mama!). Both hardly touched half of it.

4. Right after I lathered Kate with SPF for swimming, I came back into our bedroom to see her rolling all over our bed. Good thing, because my bedspread and sheets were needing some sun protection.

5. While I was drawing water for a shower (ie- waiting for the hot water to come) Brooks (while leaning over to get a small bottle of perfume scented lotion wet) FALLS into the tub head first. He was fine, but it scared him to death.

6. All you mothers of young kids know this one - I had to take a shower with the kids awake. Just love hearing your child screaming and crying "Mama!" outside the shut bathroom door the ENTIRE time.

7. *side note* - Kate did great at swim class today!

8. While we were gone, Tristan turned the trash over and chocolate pudding remnants were all over the kitchen floor.

9. After getting home, I was packing some clothes for church tonight. I had a dentist appt this afternoon in town. Well, Kate (for the first time in ages) potties in her panties and all over the bathroom floor and rug.

10. Did I mention that I had a dentist appt today? *another side note* - no problems... :0)

11. Mom asked me if I was taking my vitamins. Nope.

But, I did take 2 naps today at my parents house, and I do feel much better tonight. 2 Tylenol PM's are on my agenda tonight - and hopefully will have a better day tomorrow! :o)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I can't quit laughing!!!!

After a long day at work, I want to thank Rick for making my day!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Swim classes!

I really was sad that I didn't get to take Kate to her first swim class, but Mimi said she had a GREAT time! Isn't she cute??? And, look at the kids she is standing in between - in her class, too! I'm so glad we are starting her this young.

Recognize the swimsuit, Patrice?

Here they are lining up beside the pool to splash in the water.

She and another little girl about the same age were paired together for this part.

Here she is doing the dog paddle!

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Award time!

My friend, Melissa, bestowed this prestigious award to me... :) No, really, her thoughtfulness in giving it to me really made my day. You would have to know this "Wonder Woman" to understand (you need to only spend a few minutes reading her blog to see what I mean). I have also loved getting to know her better, and am so glad we have this new connection!

The rules for accepting this award are:

1. Choose 5 blogs you consider deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material and contribution to the blogging community, regardless of the language.

2. Each award has to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog to be visited by everyone.

3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that presented him/her with the award.

4. The award winner and the one who has given the award have to show the Arte Y Pico blog so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5. Show these rules.

I am addicted to this blogging world, and I love being able to not only get to know friends better, but also communicate with new friends all over the world!

1. First, I would like to recognize Sarah. She is a friend from years ago, but through blogging I feel so fortunate to get to see her family grow up. She is opinionated, witty, and holds a true love for our country.

2. Next, I give an award to Jennifer. We have never met, and I found her blog by total accident. But, we have a great deal in common! She is incredibly talented with craft ideas for her children and shares her gifts daily. She also has fantastic recipes - especially for crock pot cookers!

3. Now, I have to introduce my niece, Sophia. My sister, Casey, has been blogging long before me. I have so enjoyed her keeping her blog current so I can see my niece growing up. Casey is a witty author and her videos are precious. We love you all!

4. This blog is just hilarious! My friend, Melissa, has the makings of another Erma Bombeck. She is mother of 2 and attorney. Her writings and story telling abilities are just priceless. You will enjoy her entries every day.

5. Lastly, my friend Robyn's blog. Robyn does photography and her work is incredible. She definitely has that eye for the perfect shot, and I love pouring over her pictures. You will very much enjoy her portraits of everyday life.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Go Big Brown!

Most don't know this besides my parents and Scott, but I have been a faithful follower of the Triple Crown since 1986. I was so hoping that this would FINALLY be the year that I would see it happen (the last was with Affirmed in 1978 - I was only 3). Well we tried, but again, it just wasn't meant to be.

Scott, however, got the neatest buttons from UPS yesterday and brought MANY home to me! Kate loved them, as you can see...

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lessons in eating...

3 year old eating yogurt, all by herself.

21 month old eating gogort, all by himself.
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Sorry I have been absent - it's been a whirlwind around here!

VBS was both exciting and exhausting! I taught the 3's - and they were good (for the most part, that is). They really are a fun age to teach.

On Wednesday night, I had all the kids saying prayers in class (those who wanted to), and afterwards, I finished with a prayer. When I finished, Kate said to me, "Excellent job, Mama!"

She can also "read" Green Eggs and Ham - I say "read" in that she has memorized most of the book. Word for word. I have since realized that this is a common thing for a child that is read to often, but it is just amazing to me! She is just the cutest thing.

The BIG news at our house is that Kate starts swimming lessons on Monday! 45 minutes, M-F for 3 weeks. I am so nervous about her going - I want her to learn but it just makes me nervous!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Contest blog!

Linky love...

Here is a new site for bloggers who love to give and receive comments!!! :) They have a contest going on right now... check them out!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Beautiful sights...

These are pictures of a cattle farm I pass on the way to work.
I have always loved the view, most especially of the trees as they contrast against the wooded area in the background.
For me, it looks like a movie panorama as I drive by.

I have tried to get my kids to appreciate this view, but as children, they can't see what I see.
It is not appealing to them.

I find that often happens in my life.
I know that God is wanting me to see the beautiful, overall picture.
And, sometimes all I see is the stinky cows.
The stinky cows of disappointment, failure, worry.
The stinky cows of tiredness, hardships, life.
Diverting my ability to really enjoy the picture - my blessed life - before my eyes.

But, as my children mature, they will understand and appreciate this scene.

And, as I drive by this pasture, I will remember to appreciate more than this view.

Take time to enjoy your view!

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VBS 2008

Help me to remember You, Lord,
In the happy days of my youth.
While I'm small and young and childlike,
Let me see the God of truth.

(based on Ecclesiastes 12:1)

Ready for VBS!

Kate and Payton

Is there a Marley under that big shirt?

Listening to a Bible story (note Hayes' stylin' boots!)
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

What can Brown do for you? (part 1)

(as typed by Scott)

Thanks for all the positive votes. Since it's taken soo long to write them, I would like to dedicate this to Kim Isbell.

At the end of this post I would like for you to guess which one of these stories is not true. Your responses ought to be good.

1. The first year I was driving, a lady called the building and said I broke her door knob off. When asked by the Hub mgr. if I broke her screen door handle, I said no, but I forgot to put her box in a rain bag and it stormed later that day. The mgr. said she did mention her box was soaked, but didn't complain about that. He also said that she calls all the time trying to get someone to own up to breaking her handle.

2. About 7 years ago I was being taken out and trained how to deliver on Saturday. My friend Possum (real nickname) told me this story. He was teaching another friend, Booger, (also real nickname) how to deliver. He had handed over a high value package ($1,000+) to Booger and told him to hold it til the next stop. Booger just placed the box down on the floor between them. As they were driving down the Atlanta Hwy, both side doors were open (b/c it was in the middle of the summer). Of course, a gust of wind blew the box out onto the middle of hwy! Possum stopped in the middle of Atlanta Hwy and ran back to get it!! To make it even better (visually), Possum runs bowlegged.

3. I had a C.O.D. package for a hair shop, and the lady approaches me with this phony Jamaican accent and asked me to just leave the box. I told her no, I need a cashiers check or money order for $350.00. Then she proceeds to ask me if I could just take the box back and leave the weaves of hair. I told her nice try, but I gotta go (you know we're always in a hurry). Then in a clear American accent she says "I guess it didn't hurt for me to ask".

4. I always go to this one house with Hispanic residents. From time to time they get C.O.D. boxes. One time I knocked on the door and told the guy "UPS, you've got a C.O.D. for $75". He says "No English". I leave knowing good and well that he speaks English, but doesn't want to pay for the box now. Customers get 3 attempts on delivery, so I go back the next day and knock on door and when he opened the door I refused to say a word. I just stood there staring at him, holding the box. After about 6 seconds, he looks at me and says in perfect English "What". In return, I said "No English" and smiled. He got the message and paid no problem the next day.

5. On one of my routes I would have time to go bowling with a friend of mine from church for my hour lunch break. I would always park the truck around the side (I was a little bit off of my route... 1 mile). After lunch, AA left and I went to crank the truck and the battery was dead. I had left the headlights on because it had been raining. I refused to get busted, so while I was walking next door to Auto Zone to get some jumper cables, I called to see if AA had some. He did, so I was saved. Their should be a moral to this story but I think we kept bowling a couple more times.

6. I was delivering about 5 Dell computer boxes to a used car lot, when I came in the side door and asked the secretary where she wanted the boxes (big mistake). She preceded to yell into the next office down the hall that the computers where finally here. Other lady yells back, "Well tell him to get in here and hook them up!!!". Secretary responds, "I don't think he's gonna do that", to which she responded, "He will if he wants to get paid". I had heard enough yelling, so I went down the hall and asked very sternly if she would sign for them. When she looked up, her face turned beet red and she apologized, and I told her I was the last person she wanted hooking up computers.

7. I came in the side door for a signature at an air conditioning business, and a man in the corner was looking away and acting squeamish. All of a sudden the 3 ladies in the room busted out laughing. Turns out the man thought I was from the Sheriff's department (brown uniform).

8. I got asked by a guy at a red light if I ever watched the show "King of Queens". The light changed, I was turning left, and he was supposed to go straight... yet he holds up traffic telling me that I really ought to watch it because it's just like my job (like he has any idea!!)

9. Never cry wolf!!!. I ran inside one brick company and told the guy real quick that I needed a lot of pallets because they had 20 computer boxes. He ran to help me before I could tell him I was just kidding. He only had 1 keyboard box. Turned out they were moving and had ordered a huge shipment for their new store. They all came (26 big boxes) the next day and, yes, I unloaded them with no help.

More to come!