Thursday, June 5, 2008


Sorry I have been absent - it's been a whirlwind around here!

VBS was both exciting and exhausting! I taught the 3's - and they were good (for the most part, that is). They really are a fun age to teach.

On Wednesday night, I had all the kids saying prayers in class (those who wanted to), and afterwards, I finished with a prayer. When I finished, Kate said to me, "Excellent job, Mama!"

She can also "read" Green Eggs and Ham - I say "read" in that she has memorized most of the book. Word for word. I have since realized that this is a common thing for a child that is read to often, but it is just amazing to me! She is just the cutest thing.

The BIG news at our house is that Kate starts swimming lessons on Monday! 45 minutes, M-F for 3 weeks. I am so nervous about her going - I want her to learn but it just makes me nervous!


Laura said...

Where is she taking lessons? We took from lifeguards at the YMCA and they were great with them. All of mine can swim now and what a relief to be able to relax just a little while we are sitting by the pool, instead of being on edge the entire time! It will be so good when she is swimming like a fish and having such a good time in the water and you can sit back and enjoy yourself...all worth it! btw-the yogurt pictures are great!!

angie said...

Karen's girls did the same thing with their books & I have been told I did it too with my favorite book about Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street.

Swim lessons are such a good idea, especially since she loves the water so much.

The Epps Family said...

Great photos! The swimming lessons will be FINE. You will thank yourself for doing them! Garrett started at 3 and now at 5 1/2 he is a good swimmer. He took lessons last summer, too!

ICURIS said...

yay! swimming lessons! i wish i was a better swimmer like dad is. she'll love it!