Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It's been a good week at work so far. My feet are killing me, and I am convinced that it is from walking on the floor at the clinic. But, they are OK today.

Let's see, what have we done this week?
  1. Cat with an abscess that has turned NASTY, in danger of losing much skin and possibly a leg.
  2. Cat with "Biospot toxicity" - a flea product that is OK for dogs but toxic to cats. I haven't seen one in several years.
  3. A tom cat with an obstructed urinary bladder.
  4. I did 11 surgeries in the past 2 days.
  5. We had 2 incredibly aggressive dogs in yesterday, one requiring a catch pole to get her out of the cage, and the other I had to pull through a door to give a rabies shot. It is like working with cattle.

There were many more fun things but these were the best. I'm glad to have the day off so that I can get some errands taken care of. I plan on running around most of the day.

I took the Biospot cat home last night and I can hear him M-E-O-W-I-N-G across the house (he is in the guest bathroom). He is doing great today and I plan on taking him back to the clinic so he can go home and MEOW at his mother's house.

The kids are fine. Kate is looking forward to swim class today. Brooks isn't. It's hardly any fun when you have to sit in the stroller the entire time.


The Epps Family said...

Your job is never boring, is it?? Enjoy your day off!!

angie said...

You guys have been really busy. You definitely need a day off.

Sarah said...

Hey, I love hearing about your day. I miss the clinic so much! Todd is trying to convince me to go back to school and get to work to start the process of becoming a vet. I told him I didn't want the hassles of on-calls and late emergency nights, but around here they refer them to a different clinic and don't do emergencies at most clinics around here! I don't know, I am still opting for vet-tech work and getting certified for it but you know, being a vet after the kids are grown and gone might just be up my alley. I love reading your stories about the clinic, you should start some books, you know... like James Harriet. Love those!

Nancy Hood said...

Kristi, I always love coming here and reading your posts!!

ICURIS said...

i had a guy come in to work this week with a posterior synechiae (iris to lens). i couldn't help but think about that cat you showed me in vet school that had an anterior synechiae and ya'll named "sneaky". :)