Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ok, Ladies, who out there has the Calgon, because I need it!

Not too recently, Rebecca blogged about how she was needing her Calgon back. So, Rebecca, if you found it, I need to borrow some for myself...

It has been a killer week at work. I won't go into the boring details, but I will say that I am exhausted! Coming off of an incredibly busy week with VBS last week, I think my body just wasn't ready for this one.

Here is a recap of the disasters from today:

1. Our children fight constantly! If they are together (in the same room, both on the floor), there will be hitting, biting and hollering. (yes, Louise, it's true)

2. I finally quit counting the spankings that Brooks got this morning. He is my stubborn child.

3. I made pancakes for them (yeah Mama!). Both hardly touched half of it.

4. Right after I lathered Kate with SPF for swimming, I came back into our bedroom to see her rolling all over our bed. Good thing, because my bedspread and sheets were needing some sun protection.

5. While I was drawing water for a shower (ie- waiting for the hot water to come) Brooks (while leaning over to get a small bottle of perfume scented lotion wet) FALLS into the tub head first. He was fine, but it scared him to death.

6. All you mothers of young kids know this one - I had to take a shower with the kids awake. Just love hearing your child screaming and crying "Mama!" outside the shut bathroom door the ENTIRE time.

7. *side note* - Kate did great at swim class today!

8. While we were gone, Tristan turned the trash over and chocolate pudding remnants were all over the kitchen floor.

9. After getting home, I was packing some clothes for church tonight. I had a dentist appt this afternoon in town. Well, Kate (for the first time in ages) potties in her panties and all over the bathroom floor and rug.

10. Did I mention that I had a dentist appt today? *another side note* - no problems... :0)

11. Mom asked me if I was taking my vitamins. Nope.

But, I did take 2 naps today at my parents house, and I do feel much better tonight. 2 Tylenol PM's are on my agenda tonight - and hopefully will have a better day tomorrow! :o)


Rebecca said...

After all....tommorrow is another day!

sweeter and the bubbas said...

NO you didn't spank that sweet Brooks!! ;-0 haha~

jennwa said...

I am sorry, I hope Thursday is a better day.
We all have days like that , so take cmfort in knowing you are not alone.

angie said...

I only seem to have days like that when I am already exhausted when the day starts off. Hope today is a better one.

Collegegirl said...

I am exhausted from reading what you have been through! Hope tomorrow is better!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Man, just one of those days right. Sounds like a story straight from my life!

Melissa Lester said...

I guess we all have those days. They are difficult, for sure, but at least you got to share it with your girlfriends here. And we can give you a big, bloggy hug!

Nancy Hood said...

Okay, I could be sweet like Melissa and say "sure, we'll give you a bloggy hug" but then I'd have to be honest and add "but you know, reading about those days you and Jenny have like this? They wear me out just reading about them!" LOL LOL

Leslie said...

I can totally relate with the shower : ) I hope you are having a better day today!

Louise said...

I still don't believe it!!! :)
And I love that your mom asked about the mom does the same thing!!! Hope your days are better.

Leah said...

ICK! What a day!