Monday, June 2, 2008

Beautiful sights...

These are pictures of a cattle farm I pass on the way to work.
I have always loved the view, most especially of the trees as they contrast against the wooded area in the background.
For me, it looks like a movie panorama as I drive by.

I have tried to get my kids to appreciate this view, but as children, they can't see what I see.
It is not appealing to them.

I find that often happens in my life.
I know that God is wanting me to see the beautiful, overall picture.
And, sometimes all I see is the stinky cows.
The stinky cows of disappointment, failure, worry.
The stinky cows of tiredness, hardships, life.
Diverting my ability to really enjoy the picture - my blessed life - before my eyes.

But, as my children mature, they will understand and appreciate this scene.

And, as I drive by this pasture, I will remember to appreciate more than this view.

Take time to enjoy your view!

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Roxy Wishum said...

That is a beautiful pastoral setting and great observations. Your thoughts are similar to mine as I pass a pasture on 231 just south of Wetumpka with a single large tree in the middle. Thanks for sharing the pics and thoughts.

The Epps Family said...

Lovely, Kristi. I am the daughter of a Mississippi Farmer, and such views speak to me as well. I am definitely the one who needs to be reminded because I will admit I have been seeing a lot of stinky cows lately due to our move from NC to GA. I need to enjoy the view of my life's blessings! Thanks for the push.

Louise said...

Kristi that is gorgeous and so relaxing!!! Thanks for the pictures and nice thoughts!!

jennwa said...

That is a beautiful view. I especially love the last picture.

Heather said...

What a beautiful view! I live near the mountains and I'm always reminded of His majesty. I love that!

Melissa Lester said...

Beautiful photos to compliment a beautiful post! Thank you for these sweet thoughts!

Nancy Hood said...

beautiful panaramic shots, Kristi! I always enjoy checking in to see if you've posted for the day~