Thursday, October 2, 2008

Client funnies

There's been a drought in my funny business from clients. Maybe the word is out that I am keeping a log of their "questions"?

Here are a few from the last week:
  • A very concerned client called tonight. She spent several thousand dollars having surgery to repair her dog's detached retinas last year. One of her dogs was in heat, and she was scared of this dog getting "too excited", so could she just keep Vick's Salve on his chin to distract him?
  • Another owner, very NEUROTIC about her cats, told me that every time she picked her cat up, it meowed. Does that mean it has cancer?

I have also come across some funny things written in charts. I just laugh out loud when I come across them:

  • A dog described as having "pork chop physique"
  • A dog described as having a "tragic expression" (a true description of a hypothyroid dog)
  • An old cat: "3 feet in the grave"
  • "Betty resurrected" (kitten found with frostbite from cold)


jennwa said...

Sometimes you wonder how those clients even function in the world.

Kristi said...

That's just it, Jennwa... They function in THEIR world!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the old cat: "three feet in the grave" Hilarious!! The Vicks runs a close second! I am still laughing.
Brittany gave birth to Annabelle Lee tonight at 7:45. She is 21 in. long, 7lbs.,9oz., and has long black hair, a head full. Mama and baby were doing well at last report.

Love, Aunt Laura

Louise said...

I love the three feet in the ground comment!!! :)

Melissa Lester said...

These are too funny! I wonder why the meowing-cancer link? I bet there was a bogus e-mail that circulated about it.