Saturday, October 25, 2008

Uh, what's your Manager's name?

I'm glad that the kids are visiting Gran Gran and Paw Paw in Mobile. But, I really miss them. I haven't gotten to enjoy them much for the last 2 weeks - between working and being sick.

And, tell me this wouldn't make you mad:

I am at BaM buying some books for X-mas. At the checkout, this cashier (I won't name him, but I know his name) asked me if I had a club card. I politely said, "no". He then asked me if anyone had explained how the card worked, and again I replied, "Yes". I really thought that this would work. I mean if I'm interested, I'm interested, right? He then proceeds into this l-o-n-g spiel of "yada yada yada, save money... yada yada yada... special deals..." He gets to the end and again asks if I wanted to get the card. I said, again, "No thanks."

Then he chuckles a bit and says, "Wow, I guess you must be one of those lucky people that has money trees growing in their back yard."

Say what?

If I hadn't spent 30 minutes there already,
If I had 2 presents that I knew that I couldn't find anywhere else,
If I had time when the kids were home to come back (how do you pick out a book to read with children with you?)...

Just rubbed me wrong.

Then I just thought of all those snappy comebacks I wish I were talented enough to come up with:

1. No, I don't have money trees. I just have an honest job and work hard for my money.
2. I went to school a long time to make the money I do, and I use it wisely.
3. Yes, if I bought one of those club cards, I would be tempted to spend more money there than I do. I would just rather not.
4. Do you treat all of your customers that rudely when they politely refuse a request?
5. Uh, what is your Manager's name?
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Heidi said...

RUDE! That is the only reason I hate going to BAM. Except for that, I love it. And the other stores that tell you how much you can save on your purchase if you apply for their credit card. AGGHHH

Have you heard anything about Nancy?

Heidi said...

It just dawned on me. My husband's neice is (was) Kay Norman and was at Auburn and married Scott Welch who was in Vet school there and about your age. I was thinking you may know him. His father is also a vet. Just wondering???

Auburn has not been doing to well but, you know, I think Bama has just been getting extremely lucky so I am definitely not going to be bragging...My husband is an Alabama Grad and a huge fan:)

Lerra said...

Ooohhh...those people there are so pushy with the club cards! I had to tell someone like 5 times that I didn't want one. NO MEANS NO!

Maybe I will go online & file a complaint about it. I've heard other people complain too.

Anonymous said...

Come on, give them a break! They are just doing their job. Their boss probably told them to be pushy with the cards, right? PR today is a joke! I worked with the public all my life and my bosses would never have tolerated the behavior that is exhibited today.

Just heard the Bama score...Roll Tide!

Me said...

oh you should have used that 'could I see your manager line?'!!! He was so out of line, Kristigirl.

Following Him said...

No means NO!!!! What happened to listening to the customer?

Judy said...

What's with BAM and their goofy clerks? The one here in Montg. had a woman clerk for some time that would hound you to death about the card...every time she'd start her speech I'd cut her off by saying I wasn't interested but she just kept right on like I hadn't opened my mouth! It got so bad that if I saw her at the register when I went it, I would just leaave. I think she's finally gone!

Is there another meeting at Eastside Grille? Someone commented on my blog they were looking forward to seeing me at Eastside Grille but I don't know anything about it.

Hope you are feeling much better!


Judy said...

What time are ya'll meeting? I hope I can come but we are supposed to have family this weekend and attend an auction! So if I don't make it, please let me know when the next "meeting" is and where.

Thanks sweetie!


sweeter and the bubbas said...

so wrong! i always think of better comments later...that drives me CRAZY!

kari and kijsa said...

How rude!! we never buy that club card soon as you do, it is never to be found, it is expired, it doesn't apply...and then you need to go get more money from the trees in the yard to waste on another card!
Have a blessed Sunday!
kari & kijsa

Leah said...

I think you should've decked him! :)

angie said...

I always wonder if the cashiers get some kind of incentative for pushing those special bonus cards, but actually we have one & it comes in pretty handy. The cashiers at Target are the ones who seem to harass me the most to get a credit card, drives me crazy. I shop there every week with or without that silly card.

*pab said...

I like Snappy Comeback #4 the best.

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Better.."what part of N O did you not understand the first time I said it?" OR better yet, "yeah, my money tree is nearly ready to start about your courtesy tree?" Rude people just really annoy me.

The Epps Family said...

Yes, this would make me mad! Those folks can be pushy!

Sarah said...

I like the last one. That is the best one! =-)

Me said...

"yeah, my money tree is nearly ready to start about your courtesy tree?" hahaha the one that wrote this made me giggle out loud! and grab for the stitches!!!

Liz said...

You are so funny!!! I am always taking the rest of the day thinking of things I could have said after someone is rude to me...
It is pretty hard to think clearly when I am in such shock that people can actually be so tactless!!!!!! I LOVE the 'courtesy tree'....Hilarious!!!!