Friday, October 3, 2008

What did we do today?

  1. Went to Lowes. Bought a light bulb for the oven and a new outside flood light.
  2. Went to get Kate's hair trimmed. I need to get better shears.
  3. Went to PetSmart. Saw Linny (the guinea) and some birds and fish and cats.
  4. Went to Books A Million. Played with Thomas the Train set and Mama tried to find a book to read. Unsuccessful.
  5. Went to Target. Bought a shower gift and some MELLOWCREAM PUMPKINS and M&M's, of course, too.
  6. Went home.
  7. This afternoon: Replaced bulb and replaced outside flood light. Works beautifully.
  8. Tonight: Went to Chickalay for supper with Daddy.
  9. Went to Bath and Body. Sale on soaps (is that news to ANYONE?)
  10. Went to Walmart. Bought a gourd.

It was a very, very busy day.

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The Epps Family said...

I just finished "A Year of Wonders" by Pulitzer Prize winning author Geraldine Brooks. It's a work of fiction about the Plague in Europe in the 1600s. It was really good! Also, have you read "Marley and Me?" The movie is coming out in December!