Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I saw one of my favorite quotes EVER: "The only place where SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary".

I have to work Thurs and Friday this week. I would rather stay home on Friday, because the kids have been so good this week. I will really miss enjoying them on Friday! But, God surely wants me to work - I hope we won't be needing that money soon!... :(

Brooks has a clear runny nose. Great.

OK - so this will gross many of you out... Kate brought me a "bug" that was in Brooks' room yesterday. OH... it was a ROACH!!! Granted, it was wrapped up in a paper towel when she brought it, but GROSS!!!! I didn't tell her just what "bug" it was - but I hope she doesn't do anymore bug catching!

The first statement that I have agreed with Barak Obama: The poor success of America's students is fundamentally shaped by the lack of instruction given at home.

My Grandparent's 60th anniversary celebration is this weekend. How special is that?


Me said...

just finished watching the debate. and that was the only statement he made that held any water in my living room. aw, I'll think about you when I'm out and about in the beautiful weather of Friday!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, let that little girl catch those bugs! That is fun, Mama! (Ha) BTW,the Grandparents are celebrating their 65th anniversary. Even more special.
Love you,

Graham Shenanigans said...

I am so ready for this election to be over. I know how important it is to the future of our country, but I am ready to have the election NOW!!

I have to work friday too and hubby just told me he is off! That''s really not fair!!

Hope Brooks feels better soon!

Leslie A. said...

I just have to say YUCK about the roach thing!!! I also wanted to tell you how CUTE your new hair do is. Taryn and I were talking about it Sunday at church and how we thought it was so cute on you! ALso.....I just love having Kate in Wednesday night class at church! SHe is so GOOD!

Sarah said...

Wow, did Barack HUSSEIN Osama, ahem I mean Obama really say that? I think that might be the only thing I agree with! I never thought we'd have any common ground...although I would consider that more of a common thought, let's not get too carried away!=-)

I love your little Kate, I think her and Heidi would get along just fine. Heidi doesn't mind catching bugs either. I love that about her, she loves to dress up and look pretty, yet she is not afraid to get dirty either. But ah, really nasty that it was a roach. Those and spiders I seriously recoil from...bleck.

Hope your Friday at work goes well!

Love you much, and thanks for praying for us! *muah*


The Epps Family said...

Need more votes on the baby name, especially from those who don't know us! It's gotten too even!! Would you mind encouraging your email friends to visit us and vote? THANKS!!!!

Melissa Lester said...

So even a vet gets grossed out by a roach? I feel in better company! Cute pumpin pics below!