Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pigs flew yesterday

When I was young my Mom tried several times to teach me to sew. Well, I wanted no part of it. But, lately I have been interested in learning so that I can finish some projects in our house - pillows, toppers for the kitchen windows.

I have started learning how to sew. We didn't make it to the curtains yesterday, but started on a vest for my Grandmama and a dress for a shower gift.

So, yesterday, pigs flew. I'm sure that's what Mom was thinking.


Mom said...

Actually, I was thinking 'how much fun is this? that I can spend time with Kristi, doing something that I love to do, and hope she will also!' You are a quick study and did very well!! Hope we can accomplish more as the days go by!

*pab said...

I want to learn! You are lucky that your mom enjoys sewing. My mom is great at so many things, but sewing is not one of them. Aunt E, want another student? :)

T. Brodie said...

I LOVE sewing! I'm glad you've started too. You'll love it!