Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First rollers

This was a few Sundays ago. Kate has the most beautiful head of hair - I really enjoy styling it! I usually use a curling iron on it on Sunday mornings, but I decided to try rollers. She did great (notice I padded the ears with toilet paper) and as you can see, the results (and Kate!) were beautiful.

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Mimi said...

She WAS prettier than ever! Her hair is so beautiful and grows so quickly!!

Jenny said...

So pretty!

Marc and Wendi Tumminello said...

She is so beautiful kristi!! I wish my hair was that soft.

Hailey said...

So pretty!
I remember when my mom would curl my hair. She would use toilet paper so the curlers wouldn't burn my ears too!
Love it!

Donna said...

Kristi, Miss Kate is just beautiful...a lot like her Mama. Love the old fashioned qualityof the picture. You are getting so good with your camera!
Ms. Donna

Daddy said...

She is a sweet pretty girl.