Saturday, June 20, 2009

Words from our kids

Chickalay = Chick fil A
Frosted Snowflakes = Frosted Flakes
Nana = Banana
Bewy Tot Tart = Blueberry Pop Tart
Queen Darius = Dairy Queen
Peaches = Mandarin Oranges
Pasketti = Spagetti
Hick um ups = Hiccups
Banket = Blanket (also = necessity)
Callapitter = Caterpillar
(thanks Aunt Laura - forgot that one!)


Laura said...

Did I imagine Cap't Disease or is that one of your Katisms?
Those are so cute.
Micah always said Runny Babbit, Callerpitar, and at in FL, he called the hotel, Telho and finally the Helto! We still laugh at those...

Graham Shenanigans said...

Hey Kristi, saw yall at chickalay in Pville today. Not that you could have seen me if you had tried. There were a gazillion people in there. Anyway, hope yall had a great day! said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this :) My coworker (who's also a close friend) and I used to teach pre school and this brought back memories.