Sunday, June 14, 2009

Krispy Kreme conversation

Kate had asked to go get a doughnut after VBS two nights last week. I suggested we wait until Daddy could come with us. So, after church we stopped by KK. We bought 4 doughnuts and 2 milks (white milk in red container and choc milk in brown container). The doughnuts were good but the conversation was better...

Brooks (after seeing the containers): "I want that one!" (pointing to the white milk)

Me: "Brooks, you like chocolate"

B: "I want that one!" (pointing to the white milk)

M: "Brooks! You don't like white milk."

B: "I want white milk!"

Fine. Let him drink the white milk. He takes a big sip.

B: "I want chocate!"


The Hester Family said...

Ha! So funny. Reminds me of Sophia a week ago. Mama, I want blueberries. I pick them up at the grocery store and she says, no, I don't want those, I want blueberries. Yeah.

ICURIS said...

i didn't know he only likes "chocate" milk! he really is just like me! :)

Leah said...

Cute!! We had KK for breakfast this morning!!

Nancy said...

and I want some KK bread pudding!!!