Friday, June 26, 2009

Picture this

My good friend, Sherrie, is a painter. She has done (painting over photographs) portraiture for years. Now, she is ready to venture into free hand work. Fortunately for me, there are 5 horses of hers that need yearly vaccinations, and there are always barn cats needing to be spayed/neutered.

We are doing trade out work (the only way that this wonderfulness comes our way) for portraits of our children.

Here are pictures of Kate she made today. There were many that turned out so well. We got some great pictures - good enough for her portrait! It interested me how different a look you need for a classic portrait, versus a photograph. I learned much from her today! We even let Kate hold "Baby Shasta" and "Oscar" during her pictures.

I won't tell which one we are going to use - you can decide! And, when she is finished I will post a photo along with Sherrie.

For those in the Montgomery area (or otherwise), she does a fantastic job and I would love to refer you to her! She does full portraits and bust portraits.
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Donna said...

Hi Kristi, I think the next to the last pic is the best for a portrait, very classic and timeless. Although the last one is very cute also. Oh heck! They're all cute. Little Mini-Me is very photogenic. Can't wait to see the finished portrait.
Love, Ms. Donna

Robin B said...

(bottom left. Definitely bottom left.)

Nancy said...

My first choice would be bottom left, but then the one right beside it grabbed my heart, too. Great pics! Look forward to seeing which you chose :)

Melissa Lester said...

Beautiful!! I can't wait to see the finished portrait. Mary Ashley is due to be painted since she is 5, and I just keep forgetting to call to get things started. Joe is afraid she will lose a tooth if I don't get the appointment made. Those pictures are gorgeous, and I was immediately drawn to the one you told me about this morning. She is a beauty!

T. Brodie said...

I like the bottom left too! As well as the one beside it. That's so exciting!

Nita Holland said...

I know it was agonizing deciding! The one of her offering the dandilion is so sweet... I also love the one of her picking them, but you know which one captures her personality best...can't wait to see which one it is! Just breathtaking!