Sunday, May 31, 2009

At least I didn't cut the entire end of my thumb off.

I did the unthinkable last night while cooking Sunday lunch.

While chopping up onions I "chopped" the end of my thumb. Got about 1/2 the nail and went about 1/4 inch deep. Boy, did it hurt! It was bleeding profusely. I told Scott that I knew that I needed to go to the clinic and glue it together. So, I called Dr. B to see if she could make it over to help me - well, she was in B'ham this weekend!

So, Jessica agreed to help me out. After getting there, my thumb was still bleeding. I knew that I couldn't glue the cut while it was bleeding, so I decided that I should head on to the emergency room. Ugh. Pri-med closes at 6pm on Sat/Sun.

Wonderful to say that the hospital in Elmore Co is fantastic! I got to the emergency room and there was no one there! The ended up gluing it (it had finally stopped bleeding at that point). At least I got home by 9pm. Still had to finish up lunch (I had most of it done)...

I promise, I am getting pictures up (not of the thumb!) of all the work we have been doing inside. I had taken a pregnant pause on the house decorating - well, I am back to working again. I plan on tackling Brooks' room on Tuesday. This week I am working on Friday, too, so that limits what I can get done house wise.

Scott's poison ivy is almost cleared up. I am so glad that I am not allergic to that stuff.


Patrice said...

I am glad that your thumb was not too bad. Megan got to watch her dad super glue his arm a few weeks ago. He cut it in the shop and had Mike super glue it and put a bandage on it. Megan thought it was cool.

I might try and come by tomorrow after staffing but will call you first. Megan is sending presents for her cousins.

Nancy said...

bless your heart! so thankful it wasn't worse than that :) hugs!

Ashley said...

Yikes! That just makes me cringe. Hope your thumb gets better soon.

Melissa Lester said...

I hope your thumb is doing better! You are a trooper to go through all that, then still come back home to finish cooking. Mothers are tough!

Heidi said...

I totally misread some of this post and thought you WERE pregnant! I hope your thumb is better.