Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tops to the Thin Mints!

What a fun poll! Thanks for voting. Now for all those who voted for TM, you are getting your own box!!!! Just kidding!!!!

Some funny things that happened at work today:

1. A client told me today that since his dog was mostly indoor and only went out on a leash, she didn't need to be on heartworm prevention. And, since he was moving to Baha, Mexico in May - and there are "no mosquitoes in Mexico" - she should be fine. Well, that was news to me. Did YOU know there were no mosquitoes in Mexico? I sure wish I could be there when he lights that first citronella candle while spraying his newly purchased can of Off spray.

2. Another client came in today to get his dog's drains removed (dog was in a dog fight earlier in the week). While taking them out (harmless and painless) he acted like the dog was whispering to him. Then he told me that the dog asked if I would tie the drains in a knot before throwing them away. So (while working) I asked him to ask the dog why (I was playing along) and the dog then replied (to the owner, of course) that he wanted to be able to tell his friends that he had his "tubes tied" while he was at the clinic. It was the end of the day so naturally I thought it was hilarious.

3. A really good friend of Dr. Brooks left his dogs at the clinic while he went to Calloway Gardens. We decided to make him laugh - we got both the Yorkies out and put gaudy red ribbons with a top knot. Then we left a sheet of paper on the cage that read "My Dad went to Calloway Gardens and all we got were the tacky bows". It really was funny.

And, on a side note, my Mom is leaving tomorrow for a sisters weekend at the beach. I hope they have a fantastic time!


jennwa said...

People are so funny when it comes to their pets.
My husband has a million stories like that. We always have a lot talk about when he gets home.

Sarah said...

Oh my word. That IS hilarious. I miss working at the clinic a lot. While my kids are in school, I will be in school (getting my vet tech certification) so when they are gone, I can go back and enjoy my work. I love how at the clinic, every day brings something different.

Lerra said...

I am really behind on your blog posts...did you have a poll involving thin mints?? Cause they are my all-time favorite!!