Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Prayer request

My dear college friend, Angie, lost her Dad yesterday after a 10 year fight with brain cancer. The family is doing well, but I know that they would appreciate your prayers. I'm sure she would appreciate a note on her blog, as well (no mushiness, mind you!). They are relieved that he is so much better off in Heaven than he has been here on earth, but they miss him all the same.


jennwa said...

Angie and her family will be in my thought and prayers.

angie said...

Thanks so much Kristi. The service today was great, I think I laughed more than I cried. There is just so many great stories to tell about Daddy, what an awesome man. I know the angels are rejoicing just having him there & he is thrilled to be there with him. He has reached his ultimate goal.