Sunday, March 9, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt 2008

Kate and Mattie

Before the hunt!! (all smiles!!)

Family picture (can you believe the way Scott is holding Kate???)

Well, despite the cold weather and the rain, we had a fabulous picnic at the church building and egg hunt afterwards! Kate was especially excited this year, and Brooks even got into it, too. I have to say that I L-O-V-E my new camera, because these great pictures wouldn't have been possible without it!

Kate did win a prize for the most eggs for the 4 and under group (WTG Kate!) with 32 eggs. Yes, we will be finding and throwing away eggs probably until Labor Day. But, they are the plastic ones... Brooks was especially cute in his Easter outfit. And, I thought that I couldn't get the same "cute" pictures that I did with my daughter... He is adorable! :)
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Melissa Lester said...

I love the family picture! If you are like us, it is rare that we have a picture taken of all of us. Scott's pose with Kate is hilarious. Moms and dads just think differently, don't we?

Amy said...

Lamar would totally hold Luke like that for a photo. And I wouldn't notice until after it was taken in then be like, "What were you thinking?"

The kids look adorable. And I really like that green jacket you have on. Super cute!

sweeter and the bubbas said...

I did notice he was holding her that way, I should have scolded him! :-) I thought we might loose the moment, ya know.

Sarah said...

HA! I laughed out loud at that picture of Scott holding Kate. Oh my word, so funny. Guys don't pay attention to those things! LOL