Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday night

Tonight, after a long week at work, I decided to take Scott out to eat. I didn't exactly take him out (we had a gift certificate), but we had a wonderful time eating some excellent food! I wish we could do this more often. Ah, the dreams of parents of young children... Our waitress asked what we were celebrating, and we said "just getting out of the house!" She gave us a free dessert - authentic cheesecake. Yum!

Meredith and Abby watched the kids. Our children love them! Kate was really pumped about them coming over tonight. Thank you, girls!

So, when we got home, I started loading eggs for the church wide Easter egg hunt tomorrow. Kate was a big help, first by opening the eggs for me, then by filling the eggs and handing them back to me to close. She is SO excited about tomorrow, because we are egg hunting AND having a picnic (she has been playing picnic all week)...
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Rebecca said...

Looks like fun! Somehow we missed that there was going to be an egg hunt today. I am at home with the "ever sick Reese". Hope y'all have fun.

Sarah said...

Fun you guys!! It is nice getting out isn't it?? We try to do a get away once a year. We are taking off today for 2 days. Sometimes getting away from the kiddos is refreshing. It almost reminds me of life before kids with no responsibilities...but barely, I think we have had kids longer than not these days.
Have fun easter egg hunting! It is so fun watching the kids have a good time! Love it.


angie said...

I love the picture of you & Scott. Have fun at the egg hunt. I can't wait to see the pictures.