Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Look who's talking....

I need to stop and take a moment to tell you what words Brooks is saying now. He has been talking gibberish for a while now (well, he is Scott's child), but now he is saying many words, and his tiny voice is so adorable!

"Bible" (his newest word)
"Mama" (he has said that for a long time)
"Bye Bye"
"No" (can you see the trend?)
"Go Boy!"
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Leah said...

Sweetie pie!

angie said...

That is a pretty good variety of words. Way to go Brooks.

Three plus Me said...

How fun! It's great to finally "hear" their voice and know what they sound like. At least he's learning the important words. Coop just sounds like Blue's Clues when he talks!

Mimi said...

That's my little Brooks! It's true that he has been 'rambling' for a while but we didn't know what he was saying! I knew he would pick up talking quickly---to keep up with Kate! And, yes, he IS his daddy's son! Such a cute thing!