Tuesday, September 11, 2007


"It's OK, Mama... It's OK, Mama" (while I am helping clean up urine)

"No potty, no paper (ie - toilet paper), no stickers" (after a trip to the bathroom with no potty)

"Mama sing Jesus Loves Me?" (for the 82nd time)

"Maybe next time, Mama" (after a trip to the bathroom with no potty)

4 months ago: "Going to go to Meme's house. And Pa."
today: "Going to Meme and Pa's house. And Pa."

"Where's Daddy?" "Where's Meme?" "Where's Pa?" "Where's Uncle Rick?" (you get the picture..)

"Whatcha doin' Mama?" (Mom says this is payback for all the millions of times I asked her)

"Mama, need to go potty? I'm sure, Mama" (as opposed to the last trip... see above)


Leah said...

You forgot "sorry mama"! Love 'em! Thanks for sharing!

Kristi said...

You are right! I guess I just take that forgranted!

Lerra said...

Awww...my favorite is "Maybe next time, Mama". :-)

Sara said...

Love these. It's so funny what kids say!