Thursday, July 5, 2007

What makes me smile...

I was inspired by Leah's "100 things about myself", and wanted to post some things that make me smile:

1. My husband's smile - it is what attracted me to him from the start
2. Brooks' laughing
3. Kate's singing
4. The sound of a kitten purring
5. The smell of my horse's mane - the best smell in the world
6. Hearing my Dad say, "Hi Punkin"
7. Hearing Kate say, "Hi Mama"
8. "NiNi has seden chichens" (a direct quote from Kate)
9. Snuggling in bed with Scott after a long day
10. Hearing my parents say they are proud of me
11. Getting any comment that says I'm doing something right
12. Eating a grapefruit
13. Talking with old friends
14. "tenty-seden, tenty-eight, tenty-nine, tenty-ten, tirty" (another Kate quote)
15. A long, lazy ride on my horse
16. Seeing 6 week old puppies that were your very first C-section
17. Watering my plants
18. Scott telling me he loves me
19. Scott rubbing my feet
20. Seeing my dog, Tristan, sleeping at my side
21. Seeing Brooks play patty cake for the first time
22. Getting a "big squeeze" from Kate
23. Singing in church, singing in the car, singing at work...
24. Thinking about future girl spend-the-night parties Kate will have
25. Hearing stories from my Grandparents
26. Talking to Papa on the phone
27. Eating with Mark and Leah
28. Reading books with Kate
29. Reading a book myself
30. Embroidering anything
31. The smell of fresh cut grass
32. Smelling flowers with Kate
33. Going to bed knowing that you got alot done that day
34. Just the thought of my kids
35. Seeing my dogs get so excited for me to get home
36. Playing cards with Rick and Brooke
37. The first warm day after winter
38. Scott singing to me!
39. Remembering what a great childhood I had
40. Getting a thank you note from a client
41. Getting a note just because
42. A hot shower in the morning
43. A great dessert
44. The feel of a beautiful old quilt
45. Holding tatting made by my great-grandmother
46. Talking to my Mom on the phone
47. Looking at pictures of my children
48. Going shopping with my sister
49. A hot bath after work
50. Lovin' from Brooks


Leah said...

you were quick! It took me several days! I smiled reading your list, thanks for sharing!!

sweeter and the bubbas said...

How and Scott are just the best couple. Love the "sweet talk" from Kate, she is so precious. I'm enjoying reading your blog. I finally have some blogger friends!