Friday, July 6, 2007


Brooks started running another fever today. It seems to high for it to be teething, and what does the doctor say?... "Teething doesn't cause a child to run a fever..." I haven't decided if a trip to the doctor is in our plans for tomorrow. Kate has started coughing tonight, so we gave her a breathing treatment for the first time in months.

Nothing especially interesting happened at work today. I did change Wesley's soft splint this morning, and his fracture felt much more stable. I might be able to get his leg to heal afterall. For those who haven't heard the story, Wesley is our new dog. He was brought to the clinic by a client that found him as a stray. After catching him, they put him in the pen with their lab, went to church, and found him with a dog bite and broken leg when they got back home! I pinned his leg 7 weeks ago, but the pin got an infection from the dog bite. After taking the pin out, the break was still unstable, so I placed a splint. So, I am pleased that it seems to be healing again. He is a nice dog, and Kate loves him. I don't think that Scott would have been so ready to agree to keep him if Kate didn't like him so much!

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