Monday, April 6, 2009

We spent the weekend working on the yard. At least Saturday we did. The pictures are coming when we get finished - so don't hold your breath! HA! Saturday was beautiful, and Sunday was pitiful. But, our new plants got a good rain on Sunday.

Brooks is almost over his cough. Yay! He is adorable when he holds his hand over his mouth and coughs. And, if he forgets, then he will "cough" again, and THEN hold his hand over his mouth.

We are headed to L2L this weekend in Atl. Dad is driving the Space Shuttle up there - and the kids are so excited that Pa is going to drive the bus!

We plan on spending the day outside tomorrow, even though it's going to be RIDICULOUSLY cold (anyone else raising their hands right now?).

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Nancy said...

Oh, dear friend, I love love love this background!! I giggled out loud when I clicked on your name and this popped up!! You rock, girl, and so glad you had a great weekend!!