Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Client funnies and family update

I am so glad that Spring is here. The kids are really enjoying playing outside these days. Being stuck inside is no fun! Soon the days will be longer, and we will be outside more. Yay!

Oh - and I found the Golden Girls are on Hallmark, and on We at night. Really, watching them and laughing at them just makes my day!

Scott is on vacation next week. It has been a long time since November!!! (last vacation) Anyways, we want to get some yard work taken care of. Scott couldn't remember when the exact date was, and I didn't have enough time to ask off for myself, so maybe later in the summer we'll go on a trip somewhere. But, getting some yard work will be done will make me happy, too!

Brooks is talking more and more every day. His sentences are coming together. Makes me happy and sad at the same time! I got his teeth rechecked at the dentist yesterday and the chipped tooth on the front is OK. We aren't going to do anything about it for now. I also started him on antibiotics for this cough that is nagging. I tried giving him Claritin yesterday and it seems to help more than the Zyrtec. Maybe we are on the right track.

Kate is changing so much. She doesn't look like a toddler anymore. {sigh} Her manners are so sweet, and she is becoming more caring every day. Her hair is getting so long, and I'm not sure when I'll cut it!

Here are some funny stories from work the last week:
  • I had a client's son, who obviously isn't mentally all there (but he's in the Marines - go figure), introduce himself (because he didn't know me), and a few minutes later came out of the exam room and said, "You are just so HOT, I just have to have your number!"
  • Monday I had a phone call from a distraught client whose dog recently died after getting hit by a car. She was wondering how long her other dog would grieve. She was sobbing the entire time on the phone. I questioned her, asking if SHE were possibly the one that wasn't ready to get another dog. Well, her dog now wasn't acting right. I questioned her if there could be something else wrong with the dog. Her response: "Well, I was hoping that she was WITH CHILD, but since it's been 10 WEEKS, she probably wasn't pregnant" Ugh.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Kristi, no we didn't get in the frame shop. I don't even remember seeing it, but we were on a mission. I'm so glad you have family down that way, it's such a nice drive. We really enjoyed our time there! I've got more shopping pics the next 2 days, so see if you've been to these stores before. Loved them!

Anonymous said...


I just love The Golden Girls too! They crack me up!

The Easter pics are precious!

Love you,

Aunt J