Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crawfish Boil

Our Young Families class had their get together for the month at the Hunt's house. We had a great time - but the kids had the best time before hand "playing" with the crayfish. Kate was super brave - I think she was the first one to pick one up. As far as eating was concerned... well, let's just say that we don't eat much spicy Cajun food at the Busby house.

FYI - the mosquitoes were hardly noticeable. Anna Marie sprayed a bug killer on the lawn made by Cutter. It is labeled to control "pests" for 8 weeks! Just hooks up to your water hose, and you can water everything. The mosquitoes are so bad here that I'm going to try it. She said it was $7.00 at Walmart.

We bought 2 crepe myrtles today to plant on either side of the porch, but we were just too tired to plant them! Scott had a long week at work, getting in 4 out of 5 nights after 7:30pm. I am still trying to get over this cold/cough that has plagued me for a week now. I think it is time to start some antibiotics.

We also got the coolest bush called a "Snowball Bush". It has enormous white blooms that resemble hydrangeas. Our neighbor has one and it is just beautiful. Can't wait to see it take off!
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Lerra said...

Brooks got so hungry he had to eat his shoe? :-)