Friday, April 24, 2009

Frank, our outside cat

I was playing around with my camera. I so need to take a course on how to make it do what I want - not just rely on it to take the pictures I want. These were my favorites! Enjoy!

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T. Brodie said...

How cute! I take a lot of these pics- of Rush of course!

Heidi said...

Did you get a new camera? your new pictures are awesome!!!!! You have mad skills girl. The images are so clear. I love the cats and the baby down below is soooo precious:)

We are selling our "old"
Cannon EOS digital SLR for the newest upgrade and I am estatic!!!
My sister is the lucky buyer. We are letting a few things go with it so she is getting quite a deal. Hate to sell to family but believe me we are almost giving the thing away if you consider what we paid for it a few years ago. And, you gotta support your habbit, know what I mean????? LOL!!!!

Well, I used to sell Lily's smocks all the time but I have had no energy lately to do much of anything. I have been giving them away to a friend and just letting some hang. Buddy's neice still has some that she has to give back and I will have tons to try to sell or keep. The one Lily has on in the pic I love. It is Madeline. I got it at Storkland for 75% off at end of season. $60.00 original price I think I paid $20 I rarely pay full price for anything. Easter I actually wet a little overboard. this lady I have been giving Lily's clothes to at Montessori surprised me with a $100.00 check so I used it to buy her Easter stuff with :-) shoes, pearls and all!!! was so much fun. of course I had to add some to it but I never do that :-0

Sorry so long... aagghhh! lol

Graham Shenanigans said...

I will be in Wetumpka friday to have lunch with one of my best friends and would like to get there early and do some pics of chloe. What is your favorite place in Wetumpka to do pics? I love the downtown park, the bridge, southern homes and gardens. any other ideas?

Graham Shenanigans said...

Kristi, when your daughter outgrows Lily's dresses or her own, let me know. I will be happy to buy them from you. My little Chloe is in 12/18 months size now and size 4 or 5 shoe and growing like a little weed!!

Heidi said...

awww, Leigh, I would never sell them to either of you guys... I actually have been giving the things away. And Leigh, you would get them because Kristi is getting as bad as me with her memory (haha)
only kidding Kristi :-)
Lily and Kate are both 4 years old. and Lily is a little on the tiny side. :-)

Donna said...

Frank's pictures are great! He looks like my cat,Tiger.
Ms. Donna

Melissa Lester said...

Those pictures are so pretty they could be on a cat calendar! Your love for animals definitely shows in these.