Monday, July 21, 2008

Treasure Hunt, Day 3

On Saturday we got up early to hit the Bessemer Flea Market. It was only about 20 miles from R&B's house. I could hardly sleep the night before (no kidding) for my excitement! Well, it was a bust. It was an outdoor market mainly comprised of Barack Obama shirts and, the ultimate outdoor market killer: Avon. So, we started asking where we could go next.

The next 2 markets were in _____. OK, so I can't remember - but it was somewhere north/east of B'ham. Anyway, they were fabulous! We found 3 treasures there, and then we headed off to Trussville. That antique store was interesting - being in an old nursing home. Now, you had to get past the fact that it was an old nursing home, but the vendors were neatly divided into each room and they had a working cafeteria that served "meat and 3" for daily lunch. We didn't find anything there we loved, but it was neat all the same.
I think we hit 15-20 antique stores/flea markets in 3 days. It was the most fun I have had in a long time. Next, I plan on showing you where these treasure of found places in our home!

This tool box was my favorite treasure of the weekend. I plan on using it on my dining room table filled with dried hydrangeas that will HOPEFULLY bloom next year...

Here is my tool box with the neatest old rolling filing cabinet. This thing is heavy! The top lifts up to reveal the storage. We are going to use it as a side table or night stand.

Of course, Scott being the UPS man he is, was able to get everything loaded in it's place!
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Leah said...

Looks like great fun! The bed is beautiful! Hey, tell Scott I said to wear navy socks next time with those shoes!!

Thanks for coming tonight! I was so surprised and had a great time!

Roxy Wishum said...

Congrats on the great finds. Scott must be very tired from both loading AND driving. I like the cool toolbox.

Sarah said...

Girl, you are so creative! What a neat idea with the tool box, I wouldn't have ever thought of that but that is a terrific idea!

The Epps Family said...

The toolbox idea is fab! Did you know that hydrangeas dry beautifully if you just cut them, stick them upright in a vase, and let nature take its course? If you try to dry them upside down, they whither!