Monday, July 21, 2008

Treasure Hunt, Day 2

Friday we headed out early to go to Pell City, to Landis Antique Mall, to pick up the chandelier that we purchased 2 weeks ago. While on the way, we saw this huge billboard showing Bama Flea Mall in Leeds. Of course we detoured there and it was HUGE. I think we walked around for almost 2 hours. I got a really pretty grate (I haven't made a picture yet), Scott got some books, but again we struck out on the end tables.

After getting the chandelier we were told of 2 more places to try - Cottage Antiques and the Shelby Co Flea Market. Cottage Antiques was a quaint little place off the main drag. After looking around, I spotted this beautiful old fence post (?) - I'm not sure what it is, or what I could do with it for that matter, but I just loved it! So, we got an incredibly good price on it - $12.00 and it was ours.

Next, while heading to SCFM, we spot another store on the road. We (literally) whipped into the parking lot of the older home and looked around. That's when I spotted this bed. Now, we weren't shopping for a bed. But, this one was beautiful. It is made of solid oak with panels. There is a beautiful carved motif on the headboard and footboard of a basket of flowers. I inquired about the price and the owner (after showing that it did need some work) offered it to us for $40.00! Well, I scooped it up! Even Scott was excited about it. It will end up being Kate's bed - after some TLC.

The SCFM was a total bust, so we headed on home after that.

The bed and post - I will post some better pictures in the coming days...

These were pictures of some furniture descriptions from Saturday's trip. Notice the peculiar spelling of some of the words.

This was Scott's find! I have collected Breyer horses for years now. Although I don't get many anymore, this one was pretty special because first: it wasn't a horse, and second: I didn't have it! It was a very reasonable price, so Scott got himself a treasure!
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Sarah said...

I collect Breyers too! My kids aren't allowed to touch them! Scott did find a treasure, how awesome!

The Epps Family said...

Love the bed!! That will be a great addition to a little girl's room!