Sunday, July 27, 2008

Poor Bullet has a boo-boo

So, Thursday was a pretty interesting day. I got bit on the arm by a dog. When that happens on the first appointment, you feel really great about how the rest of the day will go... Then, late in the day, a dog who had been sick all day (a 2 pound dog that was snake bit the day before) died with the owner present and hysterical.

All this I could have dealt with.

Then, one of our employees accidentally backed into my parked car in the parking lot.
Oh, did I mention that she doesn't have insurance?

I was amazingly calm the entire time (I was even quite impressed with myself). I just kept hearing my Dad's voice in my head saying, "It doesn't do any good to get angry. Things happen. Getting 'out of sorts' will only make a hard situation worse". Maybe I will have been a good witness to this employee. I really like her.

The adjuster will be out tomorrow to check out the damage, and from there I go get estimates.

Kate didn't take the news well... (LOL!)

Yes, we name all of our vehicles. Bullet is my car, Rudy is Scott's truck. Mom's car is Skeester. Brooke's car is Cooter. Rick's old car was Flash - not sure he has named the new one. Casey, does yours have a name?

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jennwa said...

What a yucky day. I hope your bite was not too bad and and Bullet's estimates won't be to much.
Great on being calm about it, I know it is really hard, at least it is for for me.
I hope your weekend was a lot better.

angie said...

I was actually expecting much worse since you mentioned Bullet in a previous blog. I thought you were going to tell us it had died, a boo boo can be fixed.

Leslie A. said...

Ok so the picture of Kate being "sad" about your car is hilarious! That fit perfect with your story! Sorry to hear about your car! My family names our cars too! Mine is Buster.

Anonymous said...

Well, as you know we have quite a bit of experience in finding good car fixers (clearing throat -- Brooke). We always use Al Pendley on 31. By now I bet we actually own stock in his company! :)

I love you!
Aunt Sherrie

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Funny you say that. My current car name is Sassy. My friend and I used to laugh about our car names as we were the only ones we knew who named them. Her current car is Moriah....... xoxo (By the way, happy belated birthday. I was out of town all last week working at a conference 24/7. Hope you had a good one!)