Monday, July 7, 2008

Dedication to our 4th

(In my feeble attempt to be funny, you must HUM the tune of the Star Spangled Banner while reading this post... LOL!)

Oh, say can you see
this chandelier light.
I can't wait to display
over our kitchen table!
(that's right, Scott said I could get it!)

No, it's not stripes or plaid,
but our new room curtains!
With their flowers and trim
they are perfectly lovely -

And, our mantle's been changed,
adding fluted columns
and painted bright white
(but it's not finished yet)

Oh say can you see the beautiful
mud on our walls.......
Ore the spare bedroom....

Whose color,
I'm not happy.....


(to be continued on Labor Day)
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Nicole said...

I love your new mantle. It looks incredible. I really like the color of your walls too. Do you have any before pictures on your blog? I can't wait too the the rest! You've done an incredible job.

The Epps Family said...

This all looks great! The "nursery blue" is not that nursery-ish! Maybe it will grow on you! We DIYd in Raleigh-- but I am so done with that. Next house will be NEW!!

angie said...

I like the new window treatment & the paint color in the spare room. I think you should decorate it & see if it grows on you first before you repaint.

Sarah said...

YAY!!! You got your chandelier!!! Oh, and if you haven't got the book "Fancy Nancy" for Kate, it is a must for all little girls who wear big bows in their hair. The word "chandelier" reminded me of that, you'll know if you've read it. I love it.
Anywas, I love your new mantle over the fire place and your curtians are beautiful! Did you sew them yourself? Gorgeous. I love the colors. Someday my kitchen will be filled with rich warm colors like that. The bedroom color doesn't look bad. But I know you have to be happy with it. Nothing more annoying than walking in and thinking to yourself "baby boy room" when it is the guest room eh? Good luck with picking out colors. I always love that part, but I admit it does stress me out a bit! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

Rebecca said...

I think the wall color looks good! I was picturing a deeper baby blue, but the walls look good! If you can get Scott to help you repaint, then you are doing better than I could.

Three plus Me said...

You do such a great job decorating! Everything looks great!

Lerra said...

Yay for the new chandelier!! That's my favorite part! :-)

Shelly said...

Ohh I love the chandelier!! That is so exciting to get pretty things for your house! I see you are doing rennovations like we fun :)

Leah said...

Everything is looking great! Hope you're feeling a bit better!

Nicol said...

I love your curtain! I have been trying to figure out something like it. The colors would fit perfect into my house!