Monday, July 14, 2008

Better by and by...

Thank you for all the well wishes! I am finally feeling better (although I don't sound it), after a weekend of bed rest. I spent most of the time either on the couch or in the bed. By Sunday night I was tired to being at home.

Back to the grind today. Fortunately, today was really a breeze considering. The bottom fell out at 5pm when an emergency came in - we quickly figured out that the dog had been snake bit. She was shocky on arrival, with her temp over 106 degrees, her heart rate in the 240's and her front leg swollen and bruised. I gave her everything but the kitchen sink and we worked on her over an hour before her temp started coming down. When we left she was 104 degrees and heart was 200bpm. I will be shocked if she lives through the night, but all we can do is wait and see. She is, by far, the worst snake bite I have seen. Jennifer, be sure you relay to your husband. I did everything but give anti venom (we don't have any).

Dr. B's flights have been diverted/cancelled/whatever so I am going into work tomorrow. I am hoping she'll be there by lunch. At this point, it's not that big a deal - and Scott is off work for the week. But, we are going to be ANTIQUE HUNTING starting on Thursday! I am so excited - our "mini" vacation will be going to any and every antique store/flea market we come across. I have been DREAMING about this (really, over the weekend...) and am so excited about it!

My frequent blogging will begin again starting next week. I hope to have more interesting and funny things to share - better than "I'm sick again" updates!

*Got a call at 9:30pm and this dog had died... Again, I am NOT surprised!


Leah said...

Glad you're feeling better! Poor dog! That sounds awful! Hope you guys have fun and you find lots of "treasures!"

Three plus Me said...

Glad you are feeling better! Noticed you weren't at church and knew something was up. Hope you stay well!

sweeter and the bubbas said...

Oh man, I hate to hear that about the dog. That scares me for my children. I am terrified of snakes. What kind of snake was it?

Have fun shopping!! Please take pictures of your "finds"!! Love the pics of Brooks and Kate in the tub...those are classic!! :-)

The Epps Family said...

Oh, I am so sorry about the dog. That's so sad and such a terrible accident. I am certain that you were the best one to care for her in her final hours. :<(

Enjoy your antique hunting! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do that! Try Decatur, AL, sometime. Such fun!!