Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our busy day

I choose to put this picture of Brooks up, because he has been keeping us laughing for several days now.

Today, the kids and I went with Mom and Dad to an antique mall in North AL. Dad repairs antique clocks and had a movement that he couldn't get to strike. So, we went up with him to get the movement looked at by another clockman. While they worked, Mom and the kids and I shopped! That was the neatest store and we had a great time. I found a chandelier at a GREAT price that I would LOVE to put in our kitchen - so I took pictures to show Scott, and hopefully convince Scott! We may be back there in a few weeks - and if it's still there.... :)

After eating and giving the kids some time to stretch their legs, we went to see my brother, an optometrist in B'ham, to visit and get Dad's yearly check done. Then, it was a trip to a shoe store to find me some work shoes that will keep my feet from hurting, to Books-A-Million and then to Rick and Brooke's house for supper. Then we came back home.

Some funnies from the day:

1. This morning Brooks started laughing while I was changing his diaper, and he said, "That's funny.... That's funny!"
2. While eating, he was cracking up laughing every time that Mom blew her nose. Really, it was the funniest thing he had ever seen.
3. He talked to Daddy on the phone and laughed the entire time, because Daddy was saying "You want a piece of me?"
4. At R and B's house, Mom had Kate get on their scale. She asked Kate what she weighed, and she said "32 pounds!". Then Kate asked Mom to get on the scale, and she did. Mom asked her what she weighed, and Kate said "400 pounds!"
5. Coming home tonight, I was "singing" the "Daddy song" to Brooks (it goes: Daddy... Daddy... you get the picture). I just got started and he put his fingers to my mouth and said "Shhhh....!"
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The Epps Family said...

For the shoe problem, have you tried Dansko clogs? They are about $120.00, but worth every penny. As librarians and teachers, a lot of folks in my field wear them. My sister in law in Huntsville wears them as a nurse. Your dad's work on clocks sounds super cool!

The Epps Family said...

Girl, I KNEW IT!! You're a Leo, too! My birthday is August 2! How funny is that??

I found your blog during a random search, and the connection to Bama kinda hooked me at first. Then I realized that your days are a lot like mine (family, work, etc), so I blogrolled you and read it every day! I guess that makes me a "blog stalker", huh? HA! Anyway, the birthdays being one day apart is pretty neat! We'll have to celebrate in cyberspace! Thanks for the morning smile!

For your shoes, try http://www.zappos.com/n/es/d/722000324/page/1.html
Scroll down and look at Danskos.
I have the professional clogs in oiled brown and oiled black. I also have a very cute pair of Dansko sandals in a camel color! Try them out!

angie said...

Hey did little Brooks get a haircut? I don't see any of his cute curls.

Kristi said...

Well, he hasn't had any curls in a while... :( In fact, I gave him another haircut Monday night - he is getting so much better about being still...

Louise said...

I LOVE your kids stories!! :)

Leah said...

Sounds like a fun day! Very cute funnies!

Nicole said...

I love the cute things that kids say. It sounds like you had such a fun day. Hope you get the pretty chandelier!

Nancy Hood said...

What a sweet pic of your little man!!

Melissa Lester said...

That picture of Brooks is so cute. He really looks like Kate to me in it, and you can't go wrong looking like that cutie pie!