Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quilts, quilts, quilts

Here are some of the loveliest quilts I have ever seen. My mother has loved quilts all her life, and is a fine seamstress who can make beautiful quilts of her own! I took these pics partly to show her, and partly because I just appreciated the beauty!

From a small antique store in Florida. This quilt was so soft - like a baby blanket. The work was exquisite.

This one was OK. The best at this shop (in Miramar).

This quilt was labeled a Sunbonnet Sue. I had never seen this version of that pattern. My grandmother made a quilt with her grandmother - a Sunbonnet Sue - but it doesn't look like this one. This quilt was in Dothan.

This is my favorite. I love the colors and the patterns. It was in Dothan also. The edges were in much worse shape than the center. but, I loved it!
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